Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Madness of King Cameron

The dunnocks are displaying, the crows are pairing up, the first daffodils I've seen this year are out on the grass verge on the dual carriageway down the road and... it's snowing just a little further up north.

When will it end - give me some HEAT?

I've been working silly hours hence my tardiness with blog writing plus being out every night this week, I've managed to catch 20 minutes between arriving home tonight and eating tea before going out again. Although all these sojourns are for pleasure, (they are spiritual working activities) they are not onerous and there is plenty of opportunity to relax with friends.

Last night I met with three ladies who have invited me to join a healing group, as a healer, which will meet once a fortnight. Last night was a 'get to know each other' night and we planned how we will do the healing, we chatted about life and philosophy and did a practice healing session on each other which, I have to say was wonderful; so I'm really looking forward to this slightly new and interesting direction in my life. They have been planning this for sometime and they thought they needed a blokes balance to the group so they asked me and I said 'yes' like a shot.

I'll use my Reiki experience of 'hands on' healing coupled with their plan to ask for Angelic assistance to heal. This is powerful stuff.

You know the really sad thing about this? This is an achievement that I haven't discussed or told my wife about because she is a religious person and she doesn't agree with this sort of thing. In fact whilst she tolerates my activities, she does not agree with them at all in any way. We don't talk about it and I have no-one to share my spiritual life with other than friends who have a like mind.

Work is daft at the moment. Working in the public sector is enjoyable, frustrating, hard, rewarding and a whole lot of other contradictory adjectives you can think of. And now, not only do I have to put up with a two year pay freeze while inflation continues to rise, but I'm paying more for my pension and getting less back and probably working longer. My wife is in the same boat. I have been determined not to talk much about this because it is boring for most of you and frustrating for me, so I apologise.

I will finish by simply asking a rhetorical question why I am being punished as an individual who has done nothing wrong, paying a huge percentage of my wages for a pension, who has contributed to bailing out banks, who has worked damned hard all my working life. All this while banks are making billions in profits, giving us no interest on our savings, individual bankers are taking home millions of pounds in wages and bonuses and laughing at the public and the toothless cowardly government who are just preying on the vulnerable to solve everyone's problem in the most inequitable way possible.

What a strange world we live in, and makes me feel like dropping out and just not participating in this rat race any more. Rant over - forgive me dear blogger.

A little girl asked her father, 'do all fairy tales begin with "Once upon a time"'?
The father replied, 'No, some begin with - If I am elected.'

Chat soon



  1. First of all, take a deep cleansing breath...then tell your wife you NEED her to listen. She does not have to agree but in listening to each other we do gain validation which we all must have as humans. Then LISTEN to her view. After that gift yourself some time alone away from work and home. A long walk, a night in a B & B, whatever. Appreciate what it is you DO have and above all else...a good stiff drink . Keep blogging too.

  2. I loved your Joke! Sorry was that a joke about the bank! I'm with you the world has gone mad. Is it becuase the planet has moved so close to the sun?

    Take a long walk into the countryside and take a few deep breathes. I sometimes think watching nature in all it's glory makes us realise how little one needs to really enjoy living.

  3. Hi Donna and Jarmara
    I really do value the opinons of fellow bloggers; I can always guarantee a reality check and sensible advice. Thank you both - I guess you can tell that sometimes (not too often) that things are not always as they should be. A long walk - which is the consensus, with some thinking time whilst taking in a bit of nature is what the doctor ordered I think. It'll will give me time to strike up the courage to find out what to say - then say it! (and listen of course).
    [2012 is round the corner Jarmara when there is a conjunction of planets - might be an interesting time]
    Bless you both and yes, I'll keep blogging... one of the few pleasures in life

  4. Aye. I was (and still am) on occasion a public servant, thanks to the wonders of modern technology. I've found my future pension reduced by almost a third.

    But it isn't something I have much control of, so I've decided that where I can I shove things around a bit to get the odd 2-5%. I'm not a great one for sitting back and thinking of england. Which is a form of gambling, that surely I hate.

    I suppose, in the end, you have to ask from your future - what do I want?

  5. Stay secure in your own convictions and the way that you believe that you are being led and if they are true everything else will fall into place. x