Monday, 28 March 2011

Back at Mill

One week away and first day back to work. Only 53 e-mails, and most of those for 'my information only.' with no action required and the others were fine and will be sorted reasonably quickly. This is a sort of record, mostly because that's about half what I expected.

Now some people have no e-mails when they come back because they have a portable device which they take home with them with which to answer said e-mails, take on courses with them and more sadly some take on holiday with them. I NEVER took or take work home because the two worlds should not intentionally mix.

That's not me showing a lack of commitment, it's about valuing 'me time,' valuing family without who's support, life would be more difficult and valuing that I don't want the additional stress. If there isn't enough hours in the day at work, either work has got it wrong, you aren't telling work the truth about your workload or you're being bullied into doing more than you have time to cope with. I guess it's the same in the public and private sectors.

The fact is that a lot of workers do work in their own time for no pay, overtime for no pay 'because the firm 'can't afford it,' and firms/companies abuse roundly the goodwill of employees. Miles are travelled in journeys in our own cars for nothing because a claim for four miles isn't worth the effort for example. But these are all costs to us and costs that firms don't pay. So I have to ask myself what is the true cost of what employees do for their firms/companies? The argument: 'at least you have a job,' doesn't wash anymore.

You may say 'what about loyalty.' This is very important and I would walk to the end of the earth for a top boss (and we have many) and when the wheel is about to come off, I don't object to doing 100% plus a bit including extra free time, extra effort but for a one off - not as a routine, and that's where the abuse comes in.

This is where weak managers close their eyes to the goodwill abuse. This is where weak employees frightened of losing their jobs daren't say anything (and I understand the pressures - believe me.) This is where Government smugly ignore the goodwill and people issues and hope that people that are left will be so frightened they will allow themselves to be abused whilst having their wages effectively cut, or at worst losing their jobs and and for others accepting a reduced and potentially an inadequate service.

This is what Government doesn't understand in these days of austerity - losing the goodwill of employees is wholly counterproductive and simply increases the pressure all round and who will suffer? Customers and the public because their service will be reduced in quality; employers and employees who are left because they won't deliver what they know they should and want to deliver.

I didn't intent to have a rant tonight but there we are - got it out of my system. I would have loved to have gone to London and marched for the public services last weekend but did not want to become involved in any troubles. But that's another story of how 'Liberty' (sadly now a joke organisation more concerned with the rights of criminals) ignores my liberty and freedom - curtailed because of those who intentionally commit violence and Liberty does nothing to condemn those who commit those violent acts and who threaten our very democracy, freedoms and liberty. A rant for another time.

Chat soon



  1. Well said well said ! Mnay years ago while in the midst of my nurse management days in hospice I once added up hours work divided by my salary. I was being paid less than $2.00 an hour. Sure I loved my job and admired my boss but my family suffered. Now I farm full time with hubby, our hourly rate is even less but our family time and benefits are fabulous. BALANCE is crucial

  2. Last year, after being told by our bosses that we're short of cash and there might not be any for pay rises, we offered to forego a pay rise in exchange for the extra three days a year between Christmas and New Year when the office is closed but we still have to take it out of our holiday allowance.

    No luck. They actually found a one per cent rise rather than a move that would have earned them considerable goodwill and cost them nothing!

  3. Hi Donna
    Thanks for your kind comments, I was worried that being in rant mode made it unintelligable. I can't beleive your salary level but admire you greatly for what you have achieved and the courage it must have taken. Balance is a great word!

    Hi MorningAJ
    Some companies are so short sighted it's untrue! What an excellent example - thanks for sharing. I know of many in the public and private sectors who either have or would be willing to take cuts in wages to keep their jobs - difficult times!