Sunday, 15 May 2011

Bee-have in the Garden

I blew up my lawn mower today. My garden is full of trees and there is the occasional large root that just surfaces in the thatch of the grass and today I forgot that there was one there and the blades hit it, the engine made an horrendous screeching noise and the engine started vibrating and burning oil and drown the garden and me in a pea soup of oil smoke.  I've had this mower about 12 years and I've only ever had two blades on it so it's not done me bad; I reckon around 36 pence a cut since I bought it.

So I've got a half cut lawn. Did you know that people actually pour beer on their grass. It comes up half cut!

My brother-in-law pointed out a curious thing to me today - that none of the hostas have been eaten by slugs or snails. The picture left is an elephant's ear hosta and is mostly scar free. I wonder if it's because we've had such a dry spring that the snails and slugs have struggled to survive?

Now the strangest thing today is that some wild bees have been doing some sort of dance in the garden next to the ivy on the fence. They haven't been going in there so I don't think they are nesting, they just dance round each other in a group of around six or seven, one will fly off and then as one comes back another leaves the group. I captured a poor quality video of this hectic dance, if you know what they are doing, please let me know.

After filming the bees, I sat quietly in the garden for a few minutes, just meditating and cogitating, thanking my Green Man for looking after the garden with the elementals that live there. As that happened, a blackbird settled into the lime tree just above me and began the most beautiful song. Other blackbirds suddenly appeared in nearby trees and were answering with equally as lovely tunes.

I remember going to a funeral of an elderly acquaintance many years ago. There were only about ten people at the burial following the funeral service. The day was grey and quiet. As the vicar finished his prayers at the graveside, a blackbird perched on the very top of the oldest and largest tree in the cemetery just a few yards away and began the most hauntingly beautiful melody. It brought tears.

I've tried to book Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (On Stranger Tides) but the local cinema is fully booked for a week so I'll have to wait a little longer for the Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) performance as well as the brilliant Geoffrey Rush.

I had a Reiki treatment the other day - number two of three. It was certainly interesting - boy I needed it and today I feel much better. Reiki is a marvellous treatment using universal life force to balance your body and mind. I have some issues to resolve and this went some way to lighting the path forward. My Reiki therapist was wonderful and understanding. I perhaps understand better how my clients feel when I give them a Reiki treatment.

Roast beef for tea today.

Chat soon



  1. Thank you for such an interesting posting and video. Bees are such wonderful ceatures. The way they can tell each other where to go for the best flowers and how far is amazing.

    Sorry to hear about your mowner. Hope your beer helps for the part you left uncut. :-)

  2. Hi Jarmara
    Thx for your kind comment
    Trouble is beer is so expensive...

  3. I solved the problem of the mower by blowing up the lawn. Not literally - but after a particualrly wet winter it did look a little like a reconstruction of the Somme. So I took it out, put in a slate scree and two raised vegetable beds. I've not looked back.

    The lawnmower, with its broken blade, still lurks in the shed. Maybe I should throw it out.

    You have a green man to look after your garden of course, I have a horned head. Different approach, clearly!

  4. Hi Morning AJ
    What a good idea and a major bonus eating your own veg, I like slate scree, is it easy to maintain?

  5. Apologies if I keep popping in and out. I've been having problems commenting on some blogs since the outage, so I'm trying different options

  6. Wheelie
    You can pop in and out whenever you want!