Monday, 9 May 2011

Welcome Healing Rain

As is the custom on this blog, I say welcome to the 25th follower - a quarter of a century of readers: Hello to Darron who describes himself as a Christian, a father, book & movie buff from the people's republic of South Yorkshire. His blog is here.

The rose I showed you last Thursday is now out and looks gorgeous and has the most delicate and delicious smell. We had a few hours of welcome rain overnight last Saturday into Sunday morning which seems to have freshened things up a bit although we definitely need more - even now the ground is dry, having sucked up all the moisture and the grass seems to have recovered to a more green rather than straw colour. Natures method of healing?

In fact since then (and as I speak,) there have been heavy showers, with occasional thunder and lightening.

It's been the first day back at work today after 9 relaxing, rewarding and chilled days off. I only had 58 e-mails which is a bit of a record for the number of fewest e-mails until I realised that a lot of people like me were also off!  We always think about not really wanting to go back to work - I enjoy my work, I like the people and the organisation and the place, but I have so much else I want to do in my life that I have decided that I'm going to work towards going part-time or job-share in June 2012.

 Of course finances have to be worked out,  standard of living sorted, savings made, but then feint heart never won fair lady, so with a back wind, I think I may well go for it - it's one of many things I want to work toward. Although I don't consider myself particularly ambitious, this is a great time to reassess. No doubt working for a public service, they would be pleased to save some money from me going part time. The problem is that I currently do two people's jobs (my colleague you may remember took voluntary redundancy). I need to 'lean out' the processes I use to make things slicker, quicker and smarter.

Regular longer term readers will know I do Reiki healing as a practitioner which seems to be going very well. A friend contacted me the other day who was clearly not a happy bunny with some personal issues that she needed to get sorted and asked for some healing. Reiki allows (after some preparation) to do distance healing with the permission of the person who requests it. Distance healing can be quite powerful and so it turned out on this occasion, which is important that the person who requests it knows you are doing it because it can affect how you feel.

It would be no good, for example, doing distance healing on someone who is up a ladder because if it makes them dozy or too relaxed, it could do some damage, not through healing but in this case falling off a ladder! But it is so pleasing that checking back with the person after an agreed time that the healing was performed, all was well and it worked nicely. On this occasion she was laid down which is just as well because she said she felt quite light headed for a while after the healing was finished. She is now happy and well.

I hope you enjoy your week.

Chat soon



  1. Wow, how interesting to know you can do long distance healing...

    What a beautiful rose, nature is truely amazing. Is that short video for real?

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  3. Oops. Spelling error. Sorry.

    What wonderful rose.

    In fact, it's so real a piccy that the whole house smells of it. Considering that I have something roasting in the oven, that's quite an achievement :)


    Love the penguins. I needed a good chuckle!

  4. Reiki. I met a woman in a B&B in Ireland 12 years ago who did such. I thought "fruitcake" Now a decade plus later I find myself thinking "Wish I took down that fruitcakes number" At 51, I'm old enough to know how much more I need to learn. I plan to learn more about Reiki this year. Thanks for jump starting me.

  5. Hi Jarmara
    The effects of long distance are indeed amazing surprisingly - don't ask me what the mechanics or science behind it is - I have no idea.
    I guess the penguin thing is what they call a GIF - animated; but I liked it - I thought it was funny.

    Hi Whelee
    I mayk speling erers all the time...
    Nature is blooming marvelous (excuse the pun).

    Hi Donna
    I am absolutely delighted you have your eye on it and an additional bonus is that you can do 'self' healing too. A good book to read on the subject - very neutral and straight forward is 'Reiki for Life' by Penelope Quest ISBN 978 0 7499 2234 4. Other books are available! If you ever want to chat about it - let me know.