Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter Bunny Shivers in the Cold - Official

Easter is upon us dear friends and time for some of us to have a long weekend. Our weather in the UK has been pretty wintry to say the least and while the bulk of the snow has gone in this part of the country, there are still drifts and disruption in many parts caused by the residual snow. Our local weather people said that it was more likely to have snow in Easter than it is at Christmas and the stats support this surprising fact. 

We are suffering cold continental air blowing from the east from Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Last year at this time we were basking in a freakish 20 degree mini heatwave. Either way, this weekend is about seeing friends, being with family and doing some gardening too. I don't care how cold and wet it is, the garden is going to get done whether it likes it or not!

My Poorly Drive!

Its been a busy fortnight with a few things happening. My drive has been dug up by the local water company after months of suffering a partially blocked sewerage pipe. I was surprised to learn that the pipes are (were) made of recycled material and had collapsed hence why the outflow was poor.

I don't know if you've ever bought an appliance for your kitchen or something like a TV or other electrical gadget and taken out insurance for it? Well sometimes I do and sometimes I don't depending on the size, usage etc. But like clockwork, on the anniversary of the purchase we get letters from the insurance companies asking if we want to extend the warranty for x years at x pounds. Most we decline. The washer, tumble drier and television are renewed because of the amount of use, but the rest of the letters are recycled. Sods Law dictated that last week the oven, which is not covered by insurance or warranty went the way of the Dodo and failed to work. 

Anyway, for a one off fee, we got the company that covers all our water, gas and electricity insurance came out and we have two new switches on order, a new light and something else too technical for words, so it seems like pretty good value for money. Phew!

My boss has retired from work after a long and successful service this week. He will be sorely missed, a leader who inspired and led from the front. I wish him a long and happy retirement. I hope our new head will be as successful as he was.
Tim Hollis
Did anyone spot the large comet which was supposed to have passed quite close to earth a week or so ago and visible apparently with the naked eye? We've had nothing but cloud here so I never got chance to see it and I haven't seen any pictures of it either.

My middle son has had a birthday, I've been to see the film the Great and Powerful Oz (which was wonderful in 3D and despite being a kids film was quite tense at times) and I've reviewed the morning papers for the breakfast show on BBC Radio Humberside last week which is always fun.

Have a great weekend

Chat soon



  1. The snow this time of year is a nightmare, but as with yourself, my hubby has been tending to the garden, like it or lump it, too! He even managed both lawns cut prior to the snow.

    My son's friend got excited at the upcoming comet's passing. I'll find out if his view was successful!

    Have a nice Easter weekend!

  2. Have a great weekend and I hope your drive is feeling more like its old self soon. Please wrap up warm if you go out :-)

  3. Hi Helea
    Must get some work done in the garden, I've taken some old rubbish to the tip, time to start in earnest.
    Hope you enjoy your Easter

    Hi Paula
    Still wrapping up VERY warm!