Sunday, 3 March 2013

Hey Little Worm!

Just a quick blog today. I had a fabulous day healing using my Reiki this afternoon, what a pleasure to use this gentle healing technique and I get a residual blast for me too.

I've been feeding my compost bin all winter with the fresh veg peelings etc from the kitchen and despite the cold weather, it has been a little sunny here for a few hours here and there. When I took the lid off my compost bin, there were hundreds of little worms (or 'wogums' as we used to call them) just inside the lid, the photo doesn't do it justice to how many there were. Perhaps the warmth has hatched a few worm cocoons (I learned that today - I had no idea how they procreate.)

Compost will be starting to work shortly now the worm weather is in sight!

Hope you don't mind worms? By the way, fear of worms is one of either of these three conditions: helminthophobia, scoleciphobia or vermiphobia.

Chat soon



  1. Great worm shot. Great compost pile Should make a great garden this year!

  2. I wish I could help the bees in the same way I keep my little (worms) friends happy in the garden. Bless the busy little workers :-)

  3. I must have a poke about in our compost to see if our little worms have bred. We have so much farmyard manure though that we hardly bother to use the compost.

  4. Hi Donna,
    I've aleady emptied compost that was ready in November, there'll be a little bit more and some of it will be used as mulch this summer. Hope you are okay?

    Hi Paula
    I would love to keep a hive of bees, I'm sure living on the edge of the country there would be plenty for them

    Hi Weaver
    I love to put a bag of horse muck in the bin now and then and mix it in, lovely stuff it makes.

  5. I get those too. And little transparent and iridescent flies that are quite beautiful. Is your compost bin(s) open bottomed like ours? I've often wondered if that's how they get in there.

  6. Hi Wheelie
    Yes it's open bottomed. There's hundreds of insects once the warm weather gets going and I have no idea where they come from