Sunday, 17 March 2013

Have your Cake...

I write this blog listening to the heavy rain drip dripping outside from the sill as night is well set in. Oh to be in a warm indoors. I missed the forecast tonight so I'm not sure what the week ahead has in store for us. Perhaps a bit of spring warmth and a glimpse of sun might be nice but I'm not holding my breath.

I am eating sensibly and although I haven't reported it on here, I have lost some weight and feel a lot better. Why then did I challenge my colleagues at work to do some baking? Every birthday the happy person chocked full with birthday cards and chocolates buys cakes from the local shop for everyone which is lovely and on their anniversary of joining the organisation, they buy special out-of-the-ordinary biscuits.

Surprisingly the ladies among my colleagues admitted that they like baking - I just never imagined that they would for some bizarre reason. Now it's many years since I baked - usually when the kids were younger for fun. I cook all the time, but baking is messy and I tend to avoid it if I can. Nonetheless I made a challenge and oddly said that I would make some carrot cake. I must be mad!

So it cost me a fortune on ingredients because we didn't have anything in like wholemeal flour, cinnamon, all spice, cocoa powder, caster sugar and baking powder as well as unsalted butter, icing sugar and full fat cream cheese for the topping not to forget the little sugar decorations to go on the top! The only thing I had in was carrots!

Anyway, here is a picture of the carrot cakes as they came out of the oven:

Here is a picture of them decorated ready to nosh on. I'm keeping four for us and taking eight to work just to prove I can bake. It might encourage them to follow suit.Thanks to the BBC food website for the recipe.

I've had my application to work part time accepted. This means I am now planning with my business partner Linda for the future for our therapy and spiritual work using the spare time I will have which I find very exciting indeed. One step at a time and marching on. One of the benefits of this is that there will be lots of writing to do. I have a web site to build and social networking tools to use. This helps concentrate the mind and also gives me an opportunity to learn new things about the practises I already use. 

Well I hope the weather for UK readers improves this week and wherever you are in the world, whatever you might be baking or cooking, have a great week! If you are cooking or baking something exotic - let us know with a comment on the bottom of this blog.

Chat soon



  1. We in Yorkshire are suffering at present weather wise aren#'t we? I can't face going outside today it is so awful. The cakes look delicious. I am sworn off all things sweet until I lose another half a stone, so ran over the photograph quickly.

  2. Hi Weaver
    well done for your will power, this morning on the way to work the fields are really badly waterlogged, we do seem to be suffering with the easterly winds which seemed to have been around for months

  3. Good god man, for the price of those ingredients I could buy another wife and a couple of goats! Hmm. I could find a use for the goats...

    Time to go with the flow, be productive and follow a dream with a friend. I envy you :)

    Three days later, looks like in Sunny Sheffy we might get at least half inch of snow 22nd/23rd. So I guess everything will grind to a halt.

  4. Hi Wheelie, hopefully I can use the ingredients again for something else yet. Yes enjoying the thought of a challenge, but on my terms. I'm not sure that the weather forecasts are too accurate at the moment, they seem to be giving us the worse case scenario which I understand to a point, but it doesn't help to plan ahead with worse weather forecast than we are actually going to get.