Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Anyone for Tennis?

This is not a joke. A local hotel in Hull in Yorkshire have advertised their premises for Christmas events! I am not going to give them free advertising, save to say what on earth are they doing at the height of summer, in a recession advertising Christmas. Isn't their enough pressure on people?

I'm not a big tennis fan, I can take it or leave it although I have a mild interest in Mr Murray and his British colleagues doing well for the country. I don't watch it very often at all. However, whilst having tea tonight, I made the mistake of watching the highlights of a women's game at Wimbledon. 

To be honest, Maria Sharapova and Portuguese qualifier Michelle Larcher de Brito have finally put me off watching women's tennis for good. This pair of screaming orgasmic sounding banshees completely ruined my enjoyment of the game with their unnecessary squawking every time they serve or hit the ball. If they put as much energy into playing shots than they do making that God-awful noise, they would surely perform much better.

The weather is a bit grey today and I expected a thunderstorm as it felt quite sticky and plenty of black looking cloud this afternoon. But at least it stayed dry.

I participate in social media, this blog for example, Facebook and Twitter. I don't necessarily agree with the premise that if long lost friends were really friends, they would be in touch regularly either by phone, in person or by letter. Some are friends, some are acquaintances and I guess it depends on what you call 'friends.' 

I do find it useful as a source of information and intelligence on what's happening in the world and with people and news is pretty quick to break on the social media network.  I have fun on it and share lots of things of interest. It's a keep in touch method of communication without any expectations.

Now I know there are privacy issues, but frankly, if you are careful, it should be fine.

Chat soon



  1. I largely agree with what you say RLS, although there are one or two people from the distant past who I would like to contact, having lost touch. The trouble is that at my age many folk can't be bothered with computers - pity because as one gets older and less mobile they are a godsend in my view.

  2. Hi Weaver
    I absolutely agree that they are such a useful tool in our lives to be honest and I genuinely believe that we are better educated for them. If I remember rightly, there are services available to trace people, but if you know the area in which they live, you can try the electoral register to which everyone has free access.

  3. I agree with you about the women's tennis. But I do love to watch the 'Gentlemen's' Wimbledon. The sheer strength, self control, concentration and endurance is staggering.

  4. Hi ChrisJ
    The power they use is phenomenal isn't it? Mr Janowicz from Poland is this year's fastest server at Wimbledon so far with a serve of 144 miles per hour (231Km/H. They are true athletes.