Friday, 28 June 2013

Belt Up

I'm not an art and crafts person. I love art and I draw and occasionally I'll paint , but I'm just not a craft person, perhaps I lack a bit of creative vision.

I've had a Chakra bracelet for a couple of years now and it has stones which represent the seven main Chakra points in the body. I used to wear this for my healing sessions, but the elastic snapped. Bracelets for men are not wide ranging in choice or variety although some of the tribal bracelets or wristlets are quite good and I have a couple of nice ones.

So today, I got into craft mode and repaired the bracelet having hunted high and low for a needle that is thin enough to pass through the tiny holes drilled in the quite small stones.  The second problem was threading the needle with the quite thick elastic. I did it, and without one of those threading gadgets my mother used to have. It's repaired quite nicely.

I have a brown leather belt made for me by a partner of a good friend, made of real leather - long lasting and utility. It was so good, I got a second one, the problem is that the brown was too tan to wear with formal clothing so I dyed one of them today with black leather dye and it didn't turn out half bad. 

So there we are, a creative day today which is just as well because it's been raining persistently here all day.

Chat soon



  1. Congratulations on your crafts! You have more patience than me threading that needle. Great idea to dye the leather :o)
    Rose H

  2. Thanks Rose, I don't think it's a hobby I'm going to take up any time soon.