Monday, 24 June 2013

Guilty as Charged

I sort of feel I need forgiveness today. My crime? To destroy a wasps nest. Now I guess in all honesty, they are all God's creatures and they must have a purpose although I am not sure what it is and perhaps there is a more humane way of getting rid of them, but I am terrified of them.

Put me in a strange haunted house in the dark in the middle of the night and it's a welcome challenge - spot a wasp at 300 yards and I'm gone!

So some proprietary wasp powder was purchased and I wore clothes that covered me up and some gloves to handle the powder tube. I set the camera on a tripod running and did the deed and retired post haste (from the 16th century - 'great speed').

Now in truth, for me to go anywhere near the nest as it is is a sort of a triumph and it's helped facing my fear by doing Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT  or tapping and talking) on myself. Anyway we'll see what happens, I might have to put more powder in tonight. Here's a one minute movie on You Tube of the event - thrilling stuff.

I did test myself by looking at the video of the wasps which would have normally set me on edge, but it was okay.

My good deed for the day was to help a friend by babysitting her flat while she was at work so a plumber could come and fix a toilet cistern and a tap that had developed faults. The bonus was that I watched a film while they did their work so that was a cool way to start the day.

As a treat for myself, I went to a local coffee house and treated myself to a cappuccino and a freshly made granola bar. As I was sat there, I put a few observations about the people in there on my Facebook, but thought you might like to read it here too: 
Just a few people observations while having my cappuccino and granola bar: tanned ex pro footballer, serious looking in quiet discussions with important looking older man, is there a deal being struck; younger man, his sandy hair missing tenderness of a comb, 'not at work today' he says to a passing lady; large group of young mums and toddlers bring brightness and pleasant noise with gurgling content offspring, 'giving housework a miss today' one says with a grin; retired couple with teacakes and latte, he trying to make conversation, she stares into the distance perhaps trying to imagine the future. Amazing what you see when you take time to look around.
I do them every now and then as an exercise in observation.

At home, I watched a DVD on EFT and I set about preparing for the psychic development class I run with Linda and did some student's notes on interpreting colour and symbols.

Busy and productive day. Weather dry but cold. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Chat soon



  1. Brave you with the wasps' nest - the video seemed to produce nothing but bird song for me - and that was lovely.
    I believe wasps do a lot of good but I really can't remember why. I too am pretty scared of them and can't bear it if there is one in the room.

  2. Hi Weaver
    Yes there was a beautiful blackbird song I think in the background, it was lovely.

  3. I forgive you only if you can forgive me as I destroyed a bumblebee nest which was in my compost heap within a dead rat & its nest. If I had known it was there I wouldn't have moved the compost heap but by then it was too late. I let the bumble bee get out and hope it had time to build another one else where. In answers to your question. Wasps eat last numbers of sawfly caterpillars, aphids and flies to feed their own larvae. Everything has a place in life. :-)

  4. As Paula said. Which suggests there's a plentiful food source nearby. Not your garden I'm sure (ahum). Fish like them. I don't mind them too much, but I compost, so when I found them nesting in a wall, I bunged up the entrance with that and bunged some speedwell (little blue flowers) in that. Seemed to work.

    Fears are funny things. Mine is hights. I know why. I was accidentally bounced off Mam Tor by a tourist rucksack (turned around and wacked me off). I've tried facing it - a charity bungee jump - but I don't remember it. Woke up in the St Johns tent :)

    I get the haunted bit. I've helped families too with that. A little fear is a good thing. Keeps you alert and aware. But when it elicits the flight-or-fight response or shuts you down, it's a real pain.

  5. Hi Paula
    Wewll of course your was a miostake which anyone would make. Thanks for the education bit by the way, I didn't know that about them - I still dont like them however. You're right of course - it all has a place.

    Hi Wheelie
    I guess your way is better - I just couldn't face the task of hanging around while they are buzzing about - they get very angry. EFT can help you with the height thing, not that you will be on top of a mountain very often. I climbed Mam Tor as an eleven year old in my final year at Infants school on our week long school sojourn to the that lovely part of the country. I was absolutely exhausted for a week!!!