Sunday, 17 October 2010

"Come, little leaves," said the wind one day


"Come, little leaves," said the wind one day,
"Come o'er the meadows with me and play:
Put on your dresses of red and gold -
For summer is gone and the days grow cold."

The grass has grown quite a lot and the leaves are in full fall. My lad says its been too wet to cut it while we've been away, but looking at the soil, it's more like dew than wet from too much rain. It was cold here last night and about 6 degrees Celsius (43F) around 9 am today, with cold mornings and frosts forecast next week. Brrrrr.

The garden got a quick makeover today with the grass cut high which takes the leaves up at the same time; once December gets here and the grass stops getting cut, the leaf blower will come out of hibernation. My lovely but bedraggled geraniums have been composted today and the tired hanging baskets suffered the same fate. Leaves are falling in the pond so a job for next weekend is to put some netting on.


The trees in general are only just turning really even though there is lots of leaf fall, there is a lot of green still about although I notice the chestnut trees are bare already. The many and varied bird varieties have yet to return to the garden in flocks as they normally do in a winter, there's clearly lots of nuts, seeds and berries in the wild for them still. The squirrels however have seen our bird tables as a free meal already.

My patio Acer tree is starting to turn...

Back to work tomorrow which I am not looking forward to, although I do look forward to seeing the people again. My other half has a few more days off yet and the cats are going to the vets tomorrow to be neutered so she'll be nursing for a couple of days I guess.

My computer hard drive is on its way out. A convenient little notice appeared the other day telling me that it need repairing or replacing and it appears every fifteen minutes or so since. The nice technical man told me over the telephone that after a diagnostic check, that indeed a new hard drive is needed and that within five days to a week, this disc will fail. Since that call, strangely, I haven't had any more notices and the computer appears to be working perfectly okay. As it's not costing me anything other than time to put everything back on once it's replaced I don't suppose I can complain.
It's nice of the computer to let me know in advance that is going to pass on!

Here's a short story: A divorce court Judge said to the husband, "Mr Smith, I have reviewed this application very carefully and I've decided to give your wife £800 a month."

"That's very fair your Honour," said the husband. "And I'll try to give her a couple of pounds a week too!"

Have a great week

Chat soon



  1. Hanging baskets.... yes. Mine need sorting too. I have winter pansies and a few crocus bulbs. All I need is time and determination to plant them up again!

  2. Hello MorningAJ
    Welcome. Getting the enthusiasm going as things start to die down rather than being green, lush and colourful is difficult on these colder days - good luck.

  3. It's always hard coming back, especially when one's nearest and dearest have found multi excuses to not cut the lawns (been there done that) - cheer up, by this time next week your holiday will seem months away. Do hope you enjoyed it.

  4. Hi Weaver
    I did enjoy it and today back at my desk - it all seems a long way away - the jet lag is hanging around though which is definately NOT welcome.