Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Pull the Cable

A SFPD patrol car parked on the Wharf, Sunday night, 10 October 2010

Breakfast at Joanie’s consisted this morning of eggs ‘over medium’ (fried both sides) and two rashers of bacon. On the other side of the same plate was French toast which was sweet topped with a knob of ice cream. That diet starts again when we get home!

This morning we went for a Bay boat tour under the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. The water was calm and we saw a couple of small dolphins or perhaps they were porpoises? The views around the Bay were spectacular to say the least with new views of Alcatraz too. A commentary was available through a personal receiver each passenger got, a bit like the Alcatraz cells tour. This time the bridge was clear and spectacular although not as big as our Humber Bridge, nonetheless, a great sight!

A view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Bay Tour Boat, about 11.15 am, Monday 11 October 2010

After a walk through the various Piers toward the Hyde Street Cable car terminus and a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, we went on a Powell and Hyde cable car to the city centre terminus where we had a coffee among the contrasts of huge and expensive department stores and the occasional homeless people selling the UK equivalent of the Big Issue.

We stopped off at the cable car museum on route which was alongside the cable machinery that works today to pull the cable cars up and down the hilly streets of San Francisco.

From our view on the back of a Powell & Hyde cable car, another car passes us going into town, Monday 11 October, 2010.

The weather has been fabulous all the time we have been here with not a cloud in the sky and the temperatures today have been in their eighties, topping out at a record 88 degrees this afternoon according to the Weather Channel, whilst New yorkers are experiencing a violent electric storm.

Frascati’s restaurant tonight has been booked for 8 pm with another trip on the cable car to get there. Travelling back to the UK on Tuesday afternoon and I will miss this great city, that's for sure.

Chat soon



  1. Well well well, haven't you being having the best time. I have loved reading about it and looking at your great pics too. Thank you xx

  2. Hi Auntiegwen
    Just landed back at home - desperately need sleep - can't sleep on planes for some reason!
    Thanks so much for your kind comments - you have always been an inspiration for bloggers, and knowing that people enjoy this small effort makes it all worth while.