Saturday, 9 October 2010

Postcard from San Francisco

Picture of Fisherman's Wharf sign taken at 1700 hrs local time Friday 8 October 2010

After a mad, hectic, exhausting four days in Las Vegas, Nevada, I've arrived in another mad city, San Francisco in California about 2.30 pm local time today (Friday). We were greeted with a Blue Angels US Navy aero display (the equivalent I think of the RAF Red Arrows) over the Bay area. It's Fleetweek (US Navy) here, they are celebrating their birthday and the town is absolutely FULL of people just full of life and fun and we've hit the jackpot with events and displays put on by the US Navy.

The four days in Las Vegas were great and I'll report more on that when I get back, suffice to say that you have to be bloody fit walking all over the Strip; I've already taken 270 pictures and some video of the fountain display at the Bellagio, which again I'll post when I'm back home.

We've just got our tickets for Alcatraz which is tomorrow (Saturday), followed by a city sightseeing tour - so another busy day. We've literally used our hotel rooms just to sleep in, we've hardly caught our breath.

Like the postcard should always say, "weather nice, digs good, wish you were here."

Chat soon



  1. The Blue Angels just left us in San Diego and yes they are like the Red Arrow and the golden...?...(somethings in Canada.) I've been fortunate to see all three.