Saturday, 2 October 2010

Balmy or Barmy?

I guess it's the inconsistencies in our weather which cheese us off so much: Thursday was glorious sun in the mid sixties, Friday was chucking it down with rain (technical term) cold and miserable and today, Saturday, is warm, balmy and calm.

I took some photographs to try to capture this in the rose in my mother's garden covered in dew, steam rising from the dew on some conifers in the garden while the early morning sun is beating down and the rose hip just about sums it up really.

This may be my last blog for a while, I'm going on my hols to America to Las Vegas and San Francisco. I will try to take some pictures and post them via my notebook if the hotels have connections and I'll try not to post pics that are too touristy type which we've seen lots of times before.

I didn't win the EuroMillions last night either (mind you, neither did anyone else) but I got a nice e-mail from the man at Camelot saying I'd won £7.50, which, for my £40 investment sounds as if they're run by bankers! Can't complain though, the odds of winning are mind blowing. Will I be buying some more? Yes - the rollover jackpot is £112 Million. What would you do with £112M? I can't even begin to think.

I'm leaving the house in the charge of my two sons one of whom has taken the week off work, so the house will be aired and used which is comforting and the cats will have some company during the day. The lists are nearly done - usual things, 'keep house tidy', 'green bin out on such and such a date' etc etc.

We're hoping to discover some of the excellent seafood restaurants that San Fran is famous for and as I haven't finished with a story for a while, here's today's offering with a food theme:

The diner had been waiting a long while for his meal, so long in fact that he was on the point of walking out. The waiter hurried across to his table and said, "I must apologise for the delay sir, but your fish will be coming in just a minute."
The diner replied coldly, "What bait are you using?"

Chat soon



  1. Though it's a long time since I went to 'Frisco, I'm assured it's not changed that much, to quote a friend....

    'No one goes to Frisco unless they're looking for something, and they always bring it back with 'em'

  2. have a good holiday!
    Josie x

  3. Hi Wheelie
    I've heard so much about San Fran and no-one has a bad word for it.

    Hi Josie
    Thx hun.

  4. Agreed RLS sir. It's a cosmopolitan, colourful city and the people are welcoming and beautiful.

    Be sure to visit a few craft shops, they're mind boggling. I was there on business, and the distinction between business and play became rather blurred :)