Friday, 29 July 2011

Garage Floor Mystery Revealed

It's twelve days since my last blog and life has been so hectic but so mind numbingly routine and unexciting. I haven't even taken any photographs which is not like me. I hope you are all keeping well. I've not been too good, a really bad sore throat which has gone with the help of antibiotics has left me tired and lethargic and none too interested in much. So my trip to the doctors for a fasting blood test should tell me if there's anything wrong or it may be that I'm just overweight and under exercised which is more likely to be closer to the truth (the doctor hinted at it!) A couple of friends think I'm anaemic.

My house at the moment is like a tip. We don't often throw too many things away; like everyone else we'll go through a splurge every now and then and have a good clear out but this time, the garage has been emptied and the house is full of plastic stacker boxes full of stuff going back 30+ years! 

This does a number of negative things:
  • Makes a temporary bloody mess of the house!
  • Frustration that the thing I thought I'd lost and for which I bought a replacement is in the bottom of a box containing knitting patterns;
  • Typed notes from courses in 1991 (literally typed and xeroxed copied) speak in a language barely understood these days;
  • Creates unnecessary nostalgia;
  • Wastes hours looking at photographs, some from 25 years ago which have never seen the light of day since that time;
  • Fills recycling bins leaving no room for domestic rubbish for a week;
  • Creates arguments with the children (all grown up and long left school) over toys they haven't touched since they were ten years old but which they feel they need to keep;
  • Makes me ask myself why we keep this stuff, (just in case.)
It also does a number of positive things:
  • Creates a garage floor I don't think any of us have ever seen - it's quite pretty as floors go;
  • Creates a mountain of empty boxes ready to be filled - again;
  • Earns me £22 for two old mobile phones which some firm on the Internet will pay me to hand over (several others have no value at all!)
  • Finds a software box with a family history disc which I thought I'd lost and which I can now reload on my PC and start with my family history again.
So, there we go, domestic bliss - NOT.

Hasn't the weather been so unseasonal here is the eastern UK? The BBC weather website calls the weather 'autumnal.' Actually apart from yesterday which was quite balmy, it's been damnably cold.  Someone has hidden summer as a joke.

Still, in my moments of lethargy, I managed to see England beat India in a superb first test at Lords last week and listen to the stunning news of the massacre in Norway which just simply beggars belief - I still can't comprehend it.

I've told my boss that I will be applying to go part time in June next year unless I win the lottery in which case I may go altogether, but I'm not holding my breath.

I have a Reiki exam for my third degree on Sunday so wish me well. It's quite a practical exam really, so I'm looking forward to it.

So that's it for the time being, sorry not to have been in touch, but will be reading all the back issues of my blogging friends blogs to catch up with news shortly.

Chat soon



  1. I have a couple of large closets (cupboards) like that! We keep threatening to clear them out, but it's an oversize job and the older we get the harder it seems to be!
    Our summer is turning out to be e little more like normal. No summer last year.

  2. Is it an age thing? I feel the need to clear out a lot of stuff and we took quite a haul to the charity shop last weekend. (not the first lot) It does create chaos elsewhere while it's underway.

    Good luck with the blood tests.

  3. we have a shed and pantry and water tank cupboard full of stuff! we still have a box of ornaments/glassware still to be unpacked from a house move five years ago!

    Josie x

  4. Namaste brother, sounds like you had a rather welcome clean up. Like you I was shocked by the act of our Norway brother, he must suffer greatly in his darkness.

    In Lak' ech, live in truth prosper in love...

  5. Hi ChrisJ
    You are so right, we've been putting off the tidying up for ages - it's a case of steeling myself and going for it. Half way through I regretted it, but now it's nearly done, it doesn't seem so bad!

    Yes it does cause chaos, everywhere there are 'things' that shouldn't be! Results Monday. Thanks.

    Hi Josie
    I know exactly where you are coming from. My son said to me that as he'd never used the stuff he'd had in boxes for years, we could get rid. Very sensible. Fortunately, the local Hospice shop will benefit.

    Hi Christopher
    It's nice to have a bit of space now.
    Thank you for your regards.

  6. Sorry you have not been so well. Agree about the weather on the eastern side of the country. Here it has been so cold I have been wearing winter cardigans much of the time. Today however there is warm sunshine. The trouble is that there has not been sunshine for long enough to warm up the house, so the house is still chilly.
    Good luck with the Reiki exam. Can you practise it on yourself? If so will it help your cast of the doldrums. (not sure exactly what Reiki is).

  7. Good luck with the exam.
    I hope the throat is better now.
    You certainly sound like you've been busy.

  8. Ah yes, the midlife clean out. As we prepare to move (if our farm sells) we are giving away tons. So annoying how the grown kids see the aging instrument we bought and they played 20 years ago in the garage sale box and say "Hey, you can't sell MY guitar"

    Watch me.

  9. Hi Weaver
    Yes I can do it on myself and I think that's why i've got better. It uses the Universal Life Force and aids self healing. Been a glorious day today - at 9 pm tonight it was 21 degrees c outside and calm - beautiful!

    Hi Val
    Thanks, I have passed subject to a 21 day period of self healing and use of some advanced techniques. Better now - onwards and upwards!

    Hi Donna
    Kids are great ain't they? I hope the sale is successful. It is lovely to have a clear out - I must say now that we've done 99% of it, I feel better for doing it.