Thursday, 14 July 2011

My Valued Friends

Where has the week gone? It's Thursday and I haven't caught my breath yet! The weekend is however forecast torrential rain for most of the UK on Saturday and residual showers on Sunday so a couple of good books might have to come off the shelf.

Indeed my fellow blogger Magnumlady has sent me a beautiful book of photographs to which she is a contributor and I look forward to reading that and taking in good quality photography. It's called 'Quoted Moments' compiled by Joanne Malony with proceeds going to the Irish Cancer Society; with the most delicious photographs accompanying some famous and lovely well chosen quotes.

Now, nine years ago give or take a few months, I met for the first time Shirley Ann Summerwill and her partner Barry Chessman. They are mediums who I approached after an Internet search for a local medium to help me with a project which they did gladly and voluntarily. We have been firm friends ever since and they are now married having been partners for nearly twenty years.

I have been going along to a development circle run by Shirley Ann for nine years without missing hardly a week, it means a great deal to me. After nine years of keeping the faith with me, this afternoon, I accompanied Shirley Ann to a Spiritualist Church in Hull (John Street) and together we provided mediumship from the platform during their lovely service. 

This is a milestone in my spiritual life and my life in general.

It went well and feedback I've had is very positive. I don't want to shout about this because it's about giving others a service of messages of compassion, love, hope and truth from their loved ones now departed, but I do owe a debt of gratitude to a few people who have supported me and have put faith in me and I am so grateful. To Shirley and Barry who are simply stars - I can't say enough in their praise. To two Lindas who are both really good friends - Linda the Back who has encouraged and supported me and given sage advice over the years (as well as mending my back) and to Linda the Healer, who, although only coming into my life relatively recently has pointed me in new directions with the spiritual and angelic worlds, she is a great teacher and so enthusiastic about Archangels and their undoubted influence in our lives. To the lovely Tammy who started this journey with me at the same time and became a good friend, I thank her for sticking with me and believing in me - she is much more sensitive than I and would make an excellent medium/psychic.

To Su from the Midlands who gave me so much practical advice as a tutor through her class on the Spirit and the Artist course at the Arthur Findlay College; to fun Margot who guides us on a special philosophy circle who has broadened my horizons immeasurably. Maureen is my Reiki Master and who is never short of wise practical advice both spiritually and in Reiki terms. To Sharla Rae from  across the pond in Illinois who was so encouraging and supporting and with whom I would love to work again one day.

There you are. I am quite emotional writing this so if I have missed anyone, I am so sorry. There are many other friends I now have that I met along the way directly as a result of Spiritualism of whom I dearly love and are a part of my life now. Sounds like someone accepting an Academy Award. 

I can't share this with my wife because she doesn't believe in it, so I share it with you, being a believer or not, it doesn't matter, I just need people to know how important friends are.

I hope you have a great weekend when it arrives and hope the weather doesn't curtail your enjoyment of it.

Chat soon



  1. Namaste my brother, it is nice to have a little help from our friends.

    In Lak' ech, ripples of love...

  2. Friends are the cherry on top aren't they? I'm glad you've got some good ones, it's because you are such a good one yourself. It's a shame your wife doesn't get your mediumship though but glad that you have people in your life that do xxx

  3. It's good to share, Bless you RLS. We are here for you always.

  4. Hello Christopher
    It is indeed. Namaste

    Hi Auntiegwen
    Thanks for your kind comment, we probably don't realise how valuable they are sometimes but when you add it all up - wow!

    Hi Jarmara
    It is good to share and I value all the great bloggers I am associated with who are really good people, so generous with help and advice.