Saturday, 2 July 2011

Wave Goodbye to This Year's Holiday

Well the holiday is nearly over for another year. I've had a lazy time, a time for thinking, a time for dieting and a time where I haven't done what I intended to do. I didn't cut the hedge; I didn't clear the garage out; I didn't read as much as I wanted to. But I've also had an unexpected trip to Scarborough, a trip to York and met up with some old friends, the garden is in good trim and the weather is warm and balmy. I've even done three Reiki treatments. What more could a man from 'up north' want?

By the way, I washed the car too. Well strictly speaking I didn't actually wash the car, I paid someone else to do it for me but it looks good and he did it better than I would have done. A worthy £8 in Sainsbury's car park while I did the family shopping on my own this morning. I was exhausted at the thought of him doing it while I was rummaging through the melons - does that count?

A tribute of thanks to a fellow blogger today MorningAJ - her very entertaining blog is here. She gave me an award. MorningAJ lives in the Midlands and describes herself as an ordinary person with a story to tell. Let me tell you she is not an ordinary person, none of us are and blimey does she tell a good story of her day to day life. Congratulations on your award and and many thanks for passing it on!

She is also very naughty because she is a temptress with a superbly mouth-watering blog entitled Auntie Anne's Extremely Useful Stuff with tons of recipes, experiments with food and hot tips!

So what am I doing on my last day tomorrow? Well I normally always get fed up with myself at the thought of going back to work, but I ain't bothered. Hair cut with a number 3 attachment on the end of a home hairdressing kit; watch England's third one day cricket international against Sri Lanka at Lords on the television; unless the day is hot, then I'll be fairly lazy sitting in the garden - again; and no matter what the temperature, roast pork and vegetables with crackling of course! We are making up with a salad for tea today.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and as always:

Chat soon



  1. You need a haircut? Blimey. My lass found I had a face the other day. She wondered who she'd married.

    Perhaps now she'll remember my birthday....

    Cricket? You've a bunch of blokes (as opposed to a gaggle of wimmin) Throw leather, hit it with a stick, and it goes somewhere silly?

  2. Hate to think of holidays ending. Our summer has only just started -- quite late. But I know it will continue until at least the end of September and probably be hotter than I would like. Never satisfied. Today is July Fourth weekend with temps in the 80's. There will be thousands at the beach -- literally -- because our beach extends from Camp Pendleton to San Diego, about thirty miles! We natives stay in the back yard on holiday weekends. Big fireworks displays on Monday.

  3. Hi Wheelie
    I haven't had long hair since I was 16 and of course I've no hair on top at all now, so keeping it short has always been the most comfortable 'style'. I've always loved cricket, it was my game when I was younger - ah, the sound of leather on willow, quintessentially English.

    Hi ChrisJ
    The Americans love celebrations don't they. When we were in San Francisco last year it was the Navy Week and blimey it was packed to the gunnels. The atmosphere was fantastic - very family orientated which was lovely. Enjoy the fireworks displays if you get chance to see them.

  4. Oh - you found Auntie Anne! I really must get round to posting some more things on there. I have a plan or two for the coming weeks.

    Glad you liked the award - you deserve it.

  5. Never mind Lesser Spotted - only another fifty weeks to next year's holiday - and believe me it will be here before you know it.

  6. Hi MorningAJ
    Many thanks hun. Looking forward to reading some more of your foody type articles.

    Hi Weaver
    Yes, something to look forward to. I agree by the way, time does pass very quickly.

  7. Finally I have completed the Midwest garden tour just for you. Have a look and have great day !