Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Virus Wiped Out

I'm a fairly comptetent user of a computer at home and at work. I'm not sure what goes on inside it, but then I don't need to to use it. Like my mobile phone - I have no idea how it works, but I can use it well enough. My other half tried to log on to our internet banking to see if we'd earned any interest on our 37 pence savings this morning and a strange pop-up box came up which asked us for our account number and our security number. Whoops, never seen that before - my computer had got a virus.

This is despite the fact that we have the full monty protecting the machine, virus thingy, firewall whatsit etc etc. I even did a full scan of the computer yesterday for some reason which took 24 hours to complete and it never found anything.

Anyway, the nice man at McAfee took over my computer and found the little tinker, a new Trojan which had got in somehow, probably with something we've downloaded. It recognises the banking home page, turns it off and provides a little pop up box. It's all gone now, so all is well and my 37 pence is safe.

What a difference in the weather today, yesterday basking in 32 degrees C of sunshine, today 17 degrees of greyness with a chill breeze. No shorts for me today! Even the cats are are in and Jack cat is laid on my desk next to my keyboard fast asleep. Look at the cat hairs on my keyboard, good job I'm not allergic to them. No thunderstorms last night despite the forecast - I had my camera and tripod ready!

Chat soon



  1. A perfect marmalade cat - I love them.

  2. Actually, um Naw, Nope. If indeed it was McAFee you were in contact with. No. You're still at risk.

    This stuff normally happens if someone opens a spam email - and they can be very convincing. It's very common.

    I could go on, but at least consider downloading CCleaner from Piriform.com. It's free. Look through the options carefully. For instance, you may want your system to save your passwords.

    It's convenient to, but bad, bad, bad :)

  3. Hi Weaver
    It's many years since I heard that saying - marmalade cat! Very apt.

    Hi Wheelie
    I agree about the passwords, but there are so many needed these days and if we all changed them after 30 days as suggested by the experts, blimey, we'd need another computer to store them all on!

  4. We've just picked up something at work that makes our systems play music. Not sure how, but I'm told that's the result. I don't have it (yet) but I expect it's only a matter of time.

  5. I got one on my work laptop a few weeks ago, the nice It people put malaware on mine, it's so frustrating isn't it? Thanks again for your support earlier, I always appreciate it xxx

  6. Computers. I too can use one fairly well but when I get stuck its now the 7 yr old Granddaughter who helps me "Control, Alt, Delete, Yaya" she often says to me

  7. Hi MorningAJ
    Play music - doesn't sound too bad; mind you, it probably would stop people working when they start foot tapping and singing along!

    Hi Auntiegwen
    When the IT people do it - we've no chance!

    Hi Donna
    Whenever I ever get problems with any of the technology in the house - I get one of the kids in; they're so patient with me, ha ha ha!

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