Saturday, 25 June 2011

Sun at the Seaside

Today started with dark skies, persistent rain and a decided chill. We set off, a group of friends and I to Scarborough in North Yorkshire for an 'Air Show.' 

We got there just after 9.30am and the place was deserted with parking spots freely available but the weather had started to turn for the better and although the cloud persisted for a while, it turned progressively warmer and brighter as the morning wore on until a full blazing sun appeared late morning.

We did a bit of shopping and stopped off for lunch as the air show was to begin around 12.30 and go on to 5 o'clock. My chicken salad meant that we missed the first air display by a squadron of four planes doing things over the bay.

We caught the next display which was an Air Sea Rescue helicopter from RAF Leconfield in east Yorkshire doing a practice rescue in the Bay of a man thrown overboard from a inshore lifeboat. They are my heroes. Whilst today was calm, imagine sending a winch man down in force 8 gales, mountainous seas and driving rain?

Finally, the afternoon was supposed to be capped off by a fly past of a WW2 Lancaster Bomber. It never arrived - it had broken down. 

Whilst mildly disappointed, it was still a pleasant relaxed day with armed services displays along the seafront, lots of brave people in the sea - actually swimming in the sea and warm balmy sunshine.

I hope you enjoy these few pictures.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Chat soon



  1. Thank you for sharing your day with us, So sorry to hear you missed see the Lanscaster Bomber, but I think we can forgive it at its age.

    I hope you have a sunny day tomorrow.

  2. Hi Jarmara
    Thanks, I wasn't really disappointed too much, it was a lovely day and I think it had already given pleasure to thouands earlier in the day in other parts of the UK on Armed Services Day. Tomorrow is forecast to be beautiful.

  3. Glad you had a good day. It's been raining all day here so I'm very very jealous that you were in Scarborough in the sunshine.

  4. Hi MorningAJ
    Well I hope you are enjoying the recent sun I've ordered you. We had 30 degrees C on Sunday and 31 degrees C today (Monday). Looking forward to the thunderstorms forecast for tonight.

  5. Well that Lancaster bomber is an old chap now so you can't always expect him to be in the best of health. Glad you enjoyed your day out.

  6. Hi Weaver
    No complaints - it does very well indeed. Lovely day thanks.