Thursday, 23 June 2011

Shower Dodging

Today, with a couple of elderly friends, we crossed the mighty River Humber (£2.70 each way for the privilege) and visited a large and grand garden centre in Brigg in North Lincolnshire. I'm not going to give them free advertising, but it's a great place to go, hundreds of thousands of plants, equipment, household stuff and fancies and a very good restaurant/cafe which seats hundreds of people - a measure of their popularity.

Brigg is a small village although it's spread out a bit. The name came from the bridge that once stood across the nearby River Ancholme. Famous for its markets and a horse fair, its a very successful market town, a pleasant place to visit.

We bought a few perennial plants to fill some gaps; plants that will come back year ofter year and chosen not only for how they look but that they attract bees and butterflies etc.

Just as we left the garden centre, you have to cross a railway line and guarding the crossing is a majestic signal box, now a very rare sight indeed where I live, save to say there are some remote rural crossings in the East Yorkshire countryside where boxes survive but which few people see. Indeed the level crossing gates themselves are what I remember as a child, not the modern rise and fall barrier types that always get stuck.

I felt tempted to wave to the signalman as we left, but I resisted.

The day has once again been a case of shower dodging and there have been some cracking black clouds about. This picture was taken by my other half while we crossed the Humber Bridge and this view was looking east toward the North Sea.

Hope you are well and enjoying the week. The weekend is due very soon.

Chat soon



  1. I've enjoyed sharing your holiday with you. we've had quite a bit of rain to today.

  2. Hello Jarmara
    Thank you for your kind comment - my holiday is not very exciting is it, yet it is relaxing? Well the rain has sort of kept away today (Friday) although the occasional black cloud scuds by fairly quickly, but it's certainly warm in the sun when it does come out. I hope my trip to Scarborough tomorrow (Saturday) is as rain free as possible.
    Hope everything is well?

  3. My other half made me walk across the Humber bridge a couple of years ago (I've afraid of heights. Walking's free of course!