Saturday, 11 June 2011

Be Careful What you Wish for... might just get it.

An English proverb and very apt because the other day in the blog I was talking about the need for rain. The last couple of days we have had sunshine and showers, almost April like; dark clouds and heavy short showers. My fellow blogger Magnumlady posted a picture from Northern Ireland where there had been hail storms and it looked like a snow scene except the trees were in leaf!

I love the garden after a rain storm; the sun glistening in the drops of rain left on the leaves and flowers, the smell of the dampness being sucked into the dry earth; the dark threatening skies in the background while you are bathed in sunlight. 

I sat in the conservatory today making a phone call and I had to stop for a few seconds because of the noise of the rain on the roof and the unexpected clap of thunder - just one, before the stormy clouds scudded away to the east.

Two young lads, who were not the brightest tools in the box were stood at the top of the ski slope. The first one said, "Ok are we ready to zig-zag down the hill then?"
"Zig-zag?" He replied, "Don't you mean zag-zig?"
The first said, "Well I thought it was zig-zag, but I'm not so sure now. Let's ask that bloke over there."
"Excuse me," said the first man to the bloke stood nearby. "My friend and I are having a disagreement whether or not we should zig-zag or zag-zig down the hill."
"It's no good asking me," the man replied, "I'm a tobogganist."
"That's good," says the first man, "I'll have a packet of Marlborough and a box of matches."

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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  1. So it's your fault I got wet today then? :)

  2. Hi MorningAJ
    You caught me out - I admit it

  3. We rarely get rain at this time of the year, just lots of cloudy, gloomy weather. You have to go a few miles inland for sunny weather.

  4. Hi ChrisJ
    Is that because of the cold seas and warm land? I remember when we visited San Fransisco, locals said that at some times of year, the coastal region is sometimes bathed in cloud for weeks on end in places!

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