Friday, 17 June 2011

Mysterious Eclipse of the Moon

I missed the eclipse of the moon on Wednesday night (15th) due to heavy cloud and rain showers, however, the sunset was a bonus. Here is the first one looking to the east, away from the sunset.

The second was looking into the sunset through some trees.

The weekend is here - enjoy!

Chat soon

Ta ra.


  1. We watched and waited - like you there was a beautiful sunset but where the moon was due to rise was hazy cloud and we got no sighting.

    The next night - sod's law - the moon rose like a beautiful orange ball.

  2. Hi Weaver
    This was a real disappointment, it's such a mystical and lovely event. Ah well, the price for living in the north east of the UK!

    Hi Donna
    You are very kind, my pleasure.

  3. So many black clouds here didn't even get the sunset. Sigh.

    All was not lost tho'. Bear went to an impromptu 'no-eclipse' barbecue, and all the neighbours 9-14 year old's came round and made chocolate buns, while my Tots showed them how to make pine and lavender essence.

    Great fun. Flour everywhere. Mainly on me :)