Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Messing About Near the River

Day three of the holiday and although I'm not going away or doing interesting things every day, I'll post when I go somewhere different locally.

There seems to be an increase in the spiritual things in life too for some reason. For example, I've done a Reiki treatment today in Tickton, a small village just north east of Beverley in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Tickton, a small one horse town, used to be on a main road from Beverley toward Bridlington on the A1035 but many years ago, the bridge over the River Hull in the village could never cope with the increase in modern traffic, so they cut the village off with a bypass, demolished the road bridge and today the two halves of the village are now communicable by a foot bridge.

I took some pictures of the River Hull for you looking toward Beverley from the footbridge over the river.

Because I was early for my appointment, I also had a twenty minute wander through the graveyard of the delightful but tiny St Paul's Church in the village. Interestingly, it hosts both the Church of England (it's a daughter church to Beverley Minster) and the Methodists.  The graveyard was full of deliciously scented roses and old as well as new gravestones as tributes to the departed. There were a few gargoyles on the windows to guard the church, but sadly most of them were worn with the ravages of weather over the ages. One did stand out, and here it is.

The Reiki went well and over the last few days I've also participated in my weekly psychic development circle, done a Tarot reading, done a past life regression, done a clearing of karmic debt through meditation, done work on an Archangel, researched Archangels and tonight gave a mixture of Reiki and Angelic healing to a man who desperately needed it both mentally and physically. 

I thought I was supposed to be on holiday!

Chat soon



  1. Lovely photos, so much to see in our own little land, enjoy the holiday :) xxxx

  2. Don't be daft friend.

    It's not work. Doesn't come under the party question "What do you do?". Bless you, it's who and what you are :)

    When you do, what you do, perhaps you're giving a little of yourself away, and you need a little time for it to come back? Reinvigorated, acknowledged? More curious? More knowledgeable?

    Take your rest bro'. Just do your thing :)

  3. Hi Auntiegwen
    Many thanks yes there is so much hidden that we could appreciate.

    Hi Wheelie
    Good advice thanks...

  4. It had not occurred to me that there was a River Hull - but of course your town is really called Kingston upon Hull isn't it? Enjoy your so-called holiday!

  5. Hi Weaver
    Yes, it's a small river, and we've often wondered why Hull was called 'Hull' rather than Kingston? It's a bit ignominious to be called after the river.