Sunday, 31 July 2011

Glorious Petunias

The weekend has left us and with a legacy of fine Sunday weather in the east of the UK with lovely sunshine, 24 degrees during the late afternoon and even after the sun had gone down, it was still 21 degrees Celsius at 9 pm. Have you noticed how the nights are drawing in?

Our tidying out at home is all but complete with just a few odds and ends to sort out, but the volume of stuff we've shredded, taken to the tip for recycling or the Hospice charity shop is truly amazing.

My Reiki exam for the third degree (Masters) went well and I have passed subject to keeping a diary of related healing activities for 21 days. The exam was mainly practical with theory tagged on. I learned the Masters Reiki symbol and its meaning, I completed a full Reiki treatment and did a temporary heart attunement.

The picture above is the petunias in the fountain that I planted in the spring. Whilst the 'busy lizzies' (Impatiens) have been very disappointing as have the begonias; the petunias, the geraniums and the lobelia have been magnificent.

I hope you have a good week - onwards and upwards.

Chat soon



  1. It's sad to hear my UK friends talking about the end of summer. I feel like ours has only just begun. But we can be pretty sure of some hot weather August and September. Amazingly we had rain last night--a good rain. We usually get no rain at all from May to October. But the monsoonal weather from Arizona pushed over our mountains and there were a few isolated thunder showers.I sound like the weather man. :} I was glad because I won't have to water the yard today!

  2. Well done with the exam. I have to admit that "a temporary heart attunement" sounds absolutely terrifying! What on earth does it do?

  3. Well done from me too. Glad to know you have done so well, but sad to feel that the year has gone so quickly. My friend and I have been busy collecting fruits from the hedgerows.

    Have a great week too

  4. Hi ChrisJ
    The weather is so important to us; I think you'd make an excellent weather forcaster on the television. I wouldn't - I have a face for radio!

    Hi MorningAJ
    Many thanks. The heart attunement is a sort of treatment using the Reiki sysmbols to give someone a boost, a rush of healing if you like. It really worked for the lady I did it for and I'll put the story on the next blog.

    Hi Jarmara
    Many thanks, always good to hear from you. The year has gone swiftly indeed - is it an age thing (in my case)? In years gone by, we always collected brambles on the last week of the school holidays with the kids (first week in September). This year, I've seen people with tubs picking them already like there's no tomorrow!