Monday, 1 August 2011

Lucy Locket

Now here's a story and a half.

Part of my Reiki exam for my third Master's degree yesterday (Sunday) was to do a heart attunement for someone, in this case, a friend who gave up her Sunday afternoon to help me out as a 'client.' I don't know her very well, but we meet at groups and she is a lovely, lovely person. I won't identify her of course; she's been going through a fairly rough time at home through one thing and another so when I asked her if she would be a client for my exam which is mainly practical based, she agreed readily.

I gave her a 'heart attunement.' Fellow blogger MorningAJ asked what on earth that is, it sounds terrifying. Yes it does but in truth using the power of Reiki healing energy I used the Reiki symbols during a meditation to give her a healing boost. No surgery, just me channeling Universal Life Force energy. Now this lady is a big believer in angels. She needed a boost remember because of the things she's been experiencing.

Now, the story she told my other friend who also volunteered to help me in my exam by phone last night is that she went home and yesterday afternoon, refreshed by the heart attunement and feeling a reconnection to the angels, she started to read about an archangel called Chamuel. In a meditation, she asked Chamuel to help her find a lost rose gold locket her husband had bought her. It had cost a lot of money and losing it had devastated her. In the past, despite looking everywhere she had failed to find it.

Half way through her meditation, she rushed up (never a good idea to do that during a meditation - can make you dizzy) and found a screwdriver and went into her bedroom which has bedside cabinets fitted and screwed to the wall.

She pulled the cabinet to pieces and there, behind the cabinet, covered in dust but nevertheless undamaged was the locket.

What a wonderful true story I thought I'd share with you. Thanks to the three special ladies who helped out at the exam yesterday - they know who they are.

Lucy Locket lost her pocket,
Kitty Fisher found it;
Not a penny was there in it,
Only ribbon round it.

Well what a warm, close day today, really stuffy and hot. We are lucky to have air conditioning in our office because the hot water pipes go through the office and although they are lagged it makes it unbearably hot, even in a winter. The humidity has returned and I think they've forecast some thunderstorms tomorrow. The forecasts have not been so good at predicting them lately, so I'll believe it when I see it.

Did you say your lucky 'white rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit' this morning as good luck for the month? You can still say it - go on, give it a go.

Congratulations this afternoon to England for winning the second test match at Trent Bridge. Magnificent achievement.

Have a great week

Chat soon



  1. So glad the Brits won the Test. We've been having that humidity -- slows me down, but rather have that than snow!

  2. Well, thanks for the explanation of the heart attunement. I was going to ask my reflexologist next time I saw her. She does Reiki too and has tried it on me but I seem to do better with the reflexology - not sure why.

    I remembered to say "white rabbits" yesterday. Hope it brings everyone some good luck this month!

  3. Interesting post Lesser Spotted. I think that with things like Reiki one has to believe it in order for it to do any good. If one is sceptical then I think it is pointless - would you agree. It was also interesting about the locket. Maybe completely opening her mind just let a thought concerning it drift in. Our brains are wonderful at that kind of recall. And, yes, I did say 'rabbits' as I always do (not necessarily white ones though.)

  4. Ey Up Lesser Spotted - I've been a bit busy of late, so I'm only just catching up on other blogs. Well done on becoming a Reiki Master. I've been a Master Teacher for around 3 years now and never fail to be amazed by what can be achieved with reiki - enjoy the journey!

    Erm, ....why do I have to say 'white rabbit'?

  5. Rare, several years ago I met a woman in Ireland who spke about her Reiki training

    I thought she was a real fruitcake.

    Now I know I'm the one with citrus fro brains and the more I read your stories and open my heart, the better I feel. I just might have to seek out a Reiki trained healer myself. day

  6. Hi ChrisJ
    Do you know, I'd rather have snow than humidity sometimes!

    Hi MorningAJ
    I've never tried reflexology and although they say it can be a bit uncomfortable when they are doing it, the after effects are said to be superb.

    Hi Weaver
    You are, of course right in what you say about the locket - I think its always healthy to remain sceptical and find logical explanations. Just sometimes, I struggle to find them. As for the Reiki, if the body is not ready to accept it, it won't. Does not believing in it make a difference? No I don't think so. As always - I delight in your point of view - always makes me think.

    Ey Up Nutty
    A fellow master eh? Hope your being busy has been fruitful. It does amaze me, some of the distance healing experiences have blown my mind when I've talked later to the recipients. 'White rabbit' or just 'rabbit' as Weaver says is a form of good luck for the month ahead for you. For reasons lost in the mists of time, it's just one of those superstitions I was brought up with and practice to this day.

    Hi Donna
    Please give it a go and relax and enjoy.