Monday, 29 August 2011

Autumn's Too Soon

I love autumn, for many reasons; it's a lovely time of the year. But it's still summer. Someone should tell Mother Nature because last night was bitterly cold with a chill wind and today, the lawn was full of leaves - at least a month early by my reckoning.

Looking down the street at the hundreds of trees, there's a distinct tinge of orange to the green here and there. There are a couple of beeches that are turning in their lower branches, a sycamore that is nearly empty of leaves and the chestnuts are definitely turning and looking threadbare.

While the rest of the world is working and beavering away on the dreadful Monday, today in England, it's a Bank Holiday. It feels of course like a Sunday. It'll put me out for the rest of the week, believe you me. I'm only at work for three days, then I'm away in Manchester for a long weekend on a psychic development course. So I'm looking forward to a three day working week.

My thoughts are with the ordinary people of Libya this last couple of days and I've been sending distance healing to the country to protect the innocent and I hope that a peaceful conclusion comes to this awful conflict at the earliest opportunity. My thoughts are also with the people on the eastern seaboard of the United States of America who have suffered from the after effects of tropical storm 'Irene'. The loss of life is shocking. I experienced a tropical storm when I was in America, 'Ernesto' a few years ago, but that was mainly torrential heavy rain and the most amazing thunderstorms. And we whinge about a bit of a chilly breeze!

Chat soon

Ta ra


  1. We are having our hottest part of the summer right now which we usually do come the end of August and the month of September. But it cools off nicely most nights. Since we are on the coast we don't have air conditioning. Thunderstorms in the Midwest are really something to see -- and hear. Been a little too close to tornadoes once or twice but without realizing it. We did a few things that aren't very wise when we first came over here. We were just green. Did a 10 mile hike once into the backwoods without a thought of bears or cougar -- of which there were both in the area.

  2. I agree with you, Autumn is in the air I can smell it too. I just don't feel as though we have had a summer.

    I wish peace and love to the people around the world who are having such a tough time at the moment.

  3. Sometimes I think we humans will focus on the trivial (leaves falling) because the reality (horrible suffering) is too much to think about. In the middle is where we need to be. Caring enough to help but not so over whelmed we hide. I'll add some old fashioned Catholic Prayer to all of your two's best wishes of peace. May it all help a little

  4. Hi Chris J
    Bears and Cougars! We look out for squirrels and foxes! Glad you survived the trip.

    Hi Jarmara
    Good thoughts about peace to people around the world. Yes I agree, you can smell autumn, especially in the mornings.

    Hi Donna
    You are so right I guess. I am convinced prayer of whatever kind does help, the more that do it, the more it will help.