Thursday, 1 September 2011

Spider with Saddle

 White rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit.

I'm not a coward really; well not much. I don't run at the sight of spiders for example. I can tolerate them crawling on the bedroom ceiling in autumn (even though they reckon you eat 14 spiders when you are asleep in your lifetime); I don't even mind if they unexpectedly scuttle across the floor in front of me when I'm in the living room.

The cowardice comes when it comes to handling them. I can't. My other half will handle small and medium sized spiders and throw them out of the window. Yesterday, however I saw a spider in the computer room that was even too big for her to handle. It had a saddle on its back and had just unseated its jockey!

The result is the picture above. It is now safely deposited in the garden to play with its friends of which there seem to be plenty - especially in my greenhouse.

I was reminded by a work colleague that the kids are back at school next week. It's so quiet when they're on holiday. The roads are empty in a morning and coming home at night. The car park at work has loads of space and there's no litter in the street behind my house which is on the route to school just a few yards away.

My youngest is ensconced in his new student house with his colleagues with whom he gets on really well. It's better than his last one, just across the road from ASDA and he has a study as well as a bedroom.

I'm not sure I like the new Blogger interface yet, I haven't got myself around it yet although there seems at first glance less functionality, especially for editing. The old interface that I use isn't perfect, but it's okay for a free service.

I'm going away for the weekend to a mediumship development course in sunny Manchester, so my next blog will be next week and I'll let you know how I got on.

Have a great weekend.

Chat soon



  1. Once, many years ago. MANY. I lived with a loser type of guy who was terrified of spiders. On the day we broke up and he was finally moving out a very large spider skittered across his foot ! He nearly died with fright. I was delighted and have felt a special kinship with spiders ever since.

  2. I'n okay with insects but mice scare me. Enjoy Manchester I will be there on Tuesday for work and I am also going to be in Brigg sometime in October, if that's near you maybe we will get our tea and cake after all :) xxx

  3. I'm okay with mice but not insects, especially spiders -- and roaches.

  4. Namaste brother enjoy the weekend. I love spiders, big & small I think they are great and love the feeling of their little feet in my skin. He is a harmless little fellow I would let him run around a bit but my wife would find him too big.

    In Lak' ech, prosper in love...

  5. Hi Donna
    What a wonderful story. That made me laugh. Thanks for sharing it.

    Hi Auntiegwen
    Let me know when you get a date for Brigg. Cake on me!

    Hi ChrisJ
    Hmmm, Roaches have somewhat of a reputation that makes people shiver, but I was told they are very clean. I don't think I'll take a chance either.

    Hi Christopher
    All God's creatures - great and small? I think your wife is probably right.