Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Junction Boxes

Apart from the television ("you can't touch the television - there's programmes recording") the lounge is empty and a lonely bin and side table remain as we wait for the new carpet to arrive in the morning. I'll be sorry to see the old one go, it has done sterling service and deserves better retirement than the tip, but the council are collecting it tomorrow, for a fee of course.

The bare boards are not good enough for sanding and varnishing so we had no choice really and I wasn't keen on laminate flooring although I admit, generally it looks quite good and is cheaper.

The fish have a temporary new home in our 'back room,' and the budgies will have to sleep in my computer room for the night until the carpet is down. The cats are just not sure. Curiosity was the order of the day while we were moving the furniture, but now they are fast asleep. I wish I was.

Now please, someone tell me I am imagining things.  I don't take drugs, drink rarely but I think I must have been hallucinating when several different people told me that they had heard a news item on the radio saying we were going to have snow in October. This is not funny. I know snow of a decent quality came very early last year in November, but October? The sun tan lotion has hardly dried off! 

I hope you celebrated 'International Talk Like a Pirate Day' yesterday? Of course you did!

I hope you've had a great week so far, I am hoping to pick up a few bob on the roll-over lotto tonight.

Chat soon



  1. too late now but just a suggestion but could you have advertised it on your local freecycle, its free to join and free to advertise and people collects the goods themselves and it's cheaper than the council!

    Josie x

  2. Interesting to read that you have budgies. My friend's neighbour has a budgie. Last Saturday it escaped and flew out and into a nearby wood. They posted posters all over asking people to keep an eye open for it but there was no sign of it and they had given up all hope. After tea the woman opened the back door and the budgie flew in and went back into its cage and sat on the perch as though it had never been away!

  3. Hi Josie
    I never thought of that, I never knew that existed. Thanks for the tip, I'll look out for that. I understand in Denmark and parts of Germany, when there is something large you don't want, like a suite, carpet or furniture, you leave it outside your house on a certain day. Anyone who wants it can have it and what is unwanted is collected by the council the following day. I always thought that was a great idea to recycle.

    Hi Weaver
    I think your friend's neighbour is a very lucky lady. I don't think they survive that long because native birds don't like them and attack them. All ended well which is great for her and the budgie.

  4. Namaste brother, nice catching up to your posts. prosper in love.

    In Lak' ech

  5. I think your floor boards are lovely. But then again my 115 year old home has naked floor boards we could not afford to cover. So I sanded and varnished and now I insist they are "lovely"

    Rationalization...its a lovely thing too

  6. Laminate or floor boards may look nice to some, but carpet is so much warmer for the Yorkshire winters.

  7. Hello Christopher - always great to see you. May the power that created you continue to watch over you...

    Hi Donna
    I bet your floor looks lovely. How about a photo on your blog?

    Hi ChrisJ
    I agree, warm is GOOD!