Sunday, 11 September 2011

Good to be Around

What a glorious morning. Warm, wall to wall sunshine with damp on the ground from last night's rain. One of those mornings that make you glad to be around really. I took some leisurely photographs around the garden (including the two on todays blog)  before everyone else got up accompanied by two cats who were full of energy and mischief. The morning sun really lit the place up with plants glittering with the sparkle of sun through raindrops balancing precariously in the gentle breeze.

Of course it's the tenth anniversary of a great atrocity against humanity in the US. Can you remember what you were doing on that day when you heard the news? I was stood in my office when someone ran in and said I had better switch the TV on. Outside my office building it was usually bustling with students in the city centre park. It was a lovely sunny day, but the world was quiet. Even the traffic seemed to stand still.  I hope those that were/are affected by those dreadful events will find peace.

But today? My thoughts are closer to home, for my family and friends for their health and well being, for the repair of our environment, for peace in the world and my best wishes to you all on this wonderful day.

Chat soon



  1. Indeed it is a nice day, tho' here a bit further south the wind's picking up, and it's clouding.

    I'm catching up on Ice Road Truckers, Ice Pilots, Harry's Arctic Heroes - do you see a pattern there?

    Love the fig leaf on the shadow by the way. And the flairs. Two tone, are they? Go with the Broughes? ... :) xx

  2. I echo your thoughts here RLS - I can't remember what I was actually doing on 9:11 but do remember being appalled by the tragedy. Seeing Ground Zero a couple of years later suddenly brought it all back too.

  3. Hi Wheelie, I wish I had the waist to wear flares.

    Hi Weaver, I haven't seen much of the rememberance ceremonies, but the bits Sky News showed of the names of the dead being read out was quite emotional. My ambition one day is to visit Ground Zero to pay my respects

  4. As much as 9/11 hurts my very soul to me it is one of many other appalling tragedies which has happened around the world, when men turn against men. I think the real shock of the day and what lives on was the simple fact that the Amercian believed it could never happen on their soil or in their skies.

    It was a wake up call to say that nowhere is 100% safe until we can all find a common ground and put our difference to one side we will never know true meaning of peace around the world.
    I believe until our planet is danger something or someone from outerspace then that will be the time when mankind will stand shoulder to shoulder and fight for the common good for all men. Sad but true.

    My respects go to everyone who has lost love ones around the world from the sad tragedy of wars, all wars

  5. Hi Jarmara
    Many thanks for your contribution and wise words. Yet the US have indeed suffered previously but seemingly not learned the lessons. I can't see, in my life time a coming together of nations, religions, beliefs or people in the common goal of love, harmony and protection.

  6. Namaste brother, a beautiful day it is when we can enjoy tranquility with a lady bug.

    In Lak' ech, live in truth prosper in love...