Sunday, 18 September 2011

Mixed September

We've nearly finished decorating. The carpet is being delivered on Thursday and we are nearly all prepared. We just have to shift the furniture ready for them to put the carpet down and then we have to put it all back again. I'll be glad when things are back in place; I hate untidy, not that I'm the tidiest person on earth, but I like some assemblance of order.

What an odd day weather wise today. I went to see my son play football this morning and take a team picture for them so they could give a copy to their sponsor. I stayed a little while and I had other things to do, but his team won 5 - 0. The weather was glorious - sunny and warm with no breeze, good enough for shirt sleeves. He plays in goal so he was happy keeping a 'clean sheet'.

In contrast this afternoon saw black skies bubble up with heavy rain showers and the occasional rumble of thunder. It looked spectacular, but felt sorry for the many cyclists who had clearly gone for rides to enjoy the weather who ended up battling through rain.

The next phase of my son John's photographic hobby has arrived. We've obtained some copyright free photographs from the local history library in Hull of historical photographs of Hull and we are going to take some modern pics from where the original photographer stood and then meld the two together to show old and new. I'll take the modern pictures but the genius is in the photographic manipulation. We are putting the photographs on exhibition in the Hull History Centre in November.

Hull has much history to it. The town as is stands goes back as far as 1215 when salt was carried to the river for transport abroad. Over the years the town expanded and because of its proximity to the Humber became an internationally important port in centuries past.  Fishing was the important most recent trade, all but gone now, but it shaped the culture of the town and it remains even now fiercly proud of its history earned in the most part by the hardship of trawling the sea for our food.

The very successful docks east of the city are now handed over to freight, timber, coal, passenger ferries, petrochemicals - a place which wouldn't be recognised by the trawlermen of yesteryear.

I don't live in Hull, I live outside it in the East Riding of Yorkshire, but most of my working life has been in and around Hull and you either love it or hate it. It has its good points and bad like any city. Its been badly in need of high quality investment, but its like being in a town at the end of a cul-de-sac (M62). Hopefully, if the contractors for new wind farm equipment come here to one of the underused docks in the town, it will give it a massive boost which, to be fair, for the people of Hull, it deserves.

I hope you have a great week ahead of you as nights close in and as I finish this blog (7.30 pm ish) it's dark outside already and the street lights are on.

Chat soon



  1. Great photo of your son, (presumably) leaping for his life! I just realized that I don't think I've mentioned this before: my husband and I were married in Goole. I never actually lived there since I had left home before they moved from Brid to Goole. What a place to move to! My father was the manager of the Station Hotel, right by the railway crossing. We were married in the Methodist Church which is now no longer there. I don't know why my brain just didn't link Goole and Hull together.
    My husband was just in Pocklington a week or so ago, -- a detour in his journey to a conference in Portugal. He was visiting our friend who was our best man.

  2. Hi ChrisJ
    Yes it is my son. Goole - I worked there for four years; what an interesting place. I remember the Station Hotel well, a grand old city centre building. Pocklington is a very beautiful town at the base of the Wolds.
    Small world eh?

  3. Graet picture, I bet your son was pleased with it too.

    I love the little fact you always give us. I've noticed how dark it's getting in the morning too. My friend Ana and I have to go walking later in the mornings now.

  4. Oh, please more of those old-and-new photo merges and montages. I appreciate the skill that goes into building those.

    Having set up a few local exhibitions in Barbers shops and popular Cafés for little known artists, I appreciate how great an achievement it is getting an exhibition. Superb :)

    By golly, that's a big strong lad you have :)

  5. Hi Jarmara
    Yes he loved it, he was practicing collecting high balls just before the game. Someone tells me they heard on the radio that we are expecting snow in October! Coupled with darker mornings and evenings, that should be fun!

    Hi Wheelie
    I'll certainly post some on here as a preview, they are fun if not difficult to produce and they are a great talking point for locals interested in their city. Yes he is strong but fit thank goodness and eats like a horse!