Saturday, 10 September 2011

Sweet Dreams

We're decorating. More accurately - my other half is decorating. We've decided to move away from traditional patterned wall paper and moved forward with plain wallpaper painted with lovely colours - Sweet Dreams* for the chimney breast (a delicate light plum) and Alfie (a rich light grey). This looks really good in contrast to the white glossed paintwork and brilliant white emulsion ceiling. 

Today more money spent and savings depleted with a new carpet bought - a lovely aubergine colour; new curtains and matching cushions for the settees. This will be so much easier to maintain in the future.

In many ways, when we moved into this house 16 years ago, we were very lucky that the previous owner wasn't short of a few bob and the quality of the carpets was superb. The carpet we are replacing in the living room is the last carpet we inherited to go. It is light blue and considering we've had three kids, dogs and cats, it has kept wonderfully bright and clean.

I was tidying the garden this afternoon and cutting the grass, but moving those things that could be blown over by the potential arrival of the aftermath to Hurricane Katia on Sunday night. The Met office have given a yellow weather warning which is 'beware,' but they are starting to play it down today saying that we should just expect gusty conditions.

I was sitting in the garden this afternoon with a cuppa after cutting the grass and relaxing in some rare warm sunny weather when I was moved to notice how many shapes there are in the garden. Just the variety of leaves, hundreds of different shaped beautifully designed leaves on trees, shrubs and flowers. All the berries are different shapes, some pear shaped, some perfectly round and some heart shaped. The garden furniture and the borders are angular as is the house which contrast wonderfully against the green unique shapes of nature.

That doesn't take into account the thousands of different colours to delight the eye as autumnal colours start to emerge in the trees and some of the flowers as they reach the time where they have become past their best. There are still plenty of colourful flowers which stand out in the sunlight (when we get it) which hopefully should last until early to mid October

I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far.

Chat soon


*From B and Q on their colour card 'Colours.'


  1. I gave up on patterned wallpaper years ago but lately I've been craving more patterns..... interesting how it goes isn't it?

  2. The colour scheme sounds lovely - sophisticated and cosy all at the same time, and what a lovely name for a paint,'Alfie' is!

    Can't believe how suddenly it turned to autumn, but such lovely colours. ♥

  3. Hi MorningAJ
    I'm not into fashion in so far as decorating is concerned - at all. I guess it's cyclical, plain comes and goes, patterns come and go. I guess the plasterwork has never been good enough for us to take the wallpaper off and just emulsion.

    Hi Elizabeth
    You prompted me to look at the colour card and there are other names like Lottie (creamy green) Hana (brown) and the contrast to Alfie is Georgia (blue). Louisa is yellow and Emily is turqoise. Autumn is definately with us, it sort of crept up after a non-summer.