Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Fashionista... eat your heart out

I can imagine that different things appeal to different people at different ages. Is that why I've been looking forward to wearing a nice pair of new comfy work shoes? In contrast my son, an avid 'Next' buyer looks forward to new shirts to show off and look trendy in or awaits with keen desire for the delivery of a new pair of jeans that look, when it arrives brand new in the package, as if its been worn by the entire 5th battalion of the Light Dragoons. I've never been fashionable and can't even keep up with new trends in ties.

A magazine article recently espoused that someone my age shouldn't wear jeans or rugby shirts because it simply doesn't suit our age. The weight is coming off but I still don't make a pair of jeans look good. I mean when I have them in my hands fresh out of the wardrobe they look as if they could clothe a family of six!

I think that's the rub. It's about age. Things to be avoided for me are anything styled, because it'll split at the seams; fashionable shoes that only look good on a model and I get blisters, hip t-shirts and the latest NY baseball cap - it just doesn't go with grey hair! I can't even wear tight trousers because they spilt if I bend down. I'd look like an idiot and be conscious of the fact that everyone will look at me and think 'dear, dear, why doesn't he dress for his age.' My wife is open and she usually asks if the clothes combinations she wears look okay for her and she is fine with an honest response although I rarely complain about her choice. Most women I am sure realise that they are being scrutinised by their peers, secretly or otherwise and can dress accordingly. I don't think men of my age give a toss most of the time - its what we think suits us and it's comfortable.

PJ O'Rourke in 1983 gave this advice for women and their choice of clothes, "Don't wear anything that panics the cat."

Perhaps people wear stuff just to be outrageous. I saw a woman the other day walking in the street in the cold and she must have been 50 years old and 18 stones - that's okay, it isn't a crime. However the senses were offended by how she looked - it couldn't be helped. She was showing her midriff and had a white t-shirt with a very short skirt. She must have been at most, 5' 4" and dripping with gold and plastered make up. Frankly, someone should have had the courage to say - 'whoa girl' because she looked awful. But who am I to judge, I hear you say and you are right of course, but we are all judged by certain standards aren't we whether we think we should be or not and consequently, she stood out in a crowd.

We can be old and dress well. We can be fat and dress appropriately and for comfort and still look good. I wore a white shirt to the cinema once and they showed the picture on my back!

Two lawyers are leaving the office. “I can’t wait to get home,” says one of them. “As soon as I walk in the door, I’m going to rip my wife’s panties right off.”

Lucky you,” the other says. “No, I’m serious,” says the first. “They’re killing me.”

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