Saturday, 21 March 2009

Spring Weather Arrives...

Spring has arrived I think. It's a sunny warm-ish balmy day at around 14 degrees Celsius. Today the grass has had its second cut and a scarify to take the moss out. Some spring bulbs I planted are coming through nicely and the daffodils are just in flower and the yellows and oranges are bright in the sunshine. The purple hellebore (Christmas rose) is magnificent providing a lovely backdrop and contrast to the daffs.

Taking a breather, I have noticed a blue tit dipping in and out of a bird box that I placed about 12 foot high on a sycamore tree facing south east. I'm going to try and get a photograph of it with my Canon EOS 40D and 70-300 zoom lens on a tripod and remote so I can keep perfectly still and not disturb it. A female blackbird is collecting moss and building her nest in a yew tree next to my garden pond. Dunlins are frolicking and displaying and chasing each other frantically round the garden.

Doesn't it make you feel well with the sun on your back and warm air filling your lungs with the deep scent of newly cut grass?

All is well with the world here in East Yorkshire.

Chat soon


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