Friday, 20 March 2009

What NOT to say to a Police Officer...

The weekend is upon us and time for a light hearted look at life. Jokes about our contact with the Police are legend: "Blow into this bag sir." "Why?" replied the motorist. "Because my chips are too hot." The old one's are the best!

I've been stopped by the Police twice whilst driving my car, not for anything important by the way, but it's still a nervous experience. We would all like to think we can be calm and have our responses or excuses ready, but perhaps there are some things we should NOT say to the officer:
  • "Sorry, I can't reach my driver's licence unless you hold my beer!"
  • "Aren't you the bloke from the Village People?"
  • "Blimey, you must have been doing a hundred and twenty five to keep up with me - great job!"
  • "I thought you had to be in good physical condition to be a police officer?"
  • "I pay your salary!"
  • "Do I know why you pulled me over? Well no but as long as one of us does that's okay."
  • "Erm... you're not going to check in the boot are you?"
  • "Well thanks for the warning officer, the last one gave me a warning too!"
  • "Thank you for complimenting me on my good driving, you have to be careful when your p1ssed!"
  • "Red light? What red light?"
Have a great weekend

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