Friday, 22 May 2009

As time goes by...

Wow - a whole working week without posting a blog - life has been so busy I don't know where time has gone. I had the whole week free on a night time but that soon went Pete Tong as demands on my time became more intense - so much for relaxing. My middle lad has finished his university degree course reading archaeology and I went to Nottingham to pick him up after work last night. I had a director's meeting and I set off around 7.30 pm and arrived in Nottingham around nine.

Eric: "When it came to education, my father wanted me to have all the opportunities he never had."
Ernie: "So what did he do?"
Eric: "He sent me to a girl's school."
Morecambe and Wise, 1979.

My son had already been back home at Easter and had allegedly brought most of his stuff back home then according to his mother and this trip would be a couple of boxes and Bob's your uncle. WRONG!

After a whole hour loading my modest estate car, full to the gunnels with stuff jammed in to nooks and crevices all over, I had to move my seat so far forward that I was virtually touching the wheel with my chest. That was fine except when I got back home after midnight, I struggled to get out of the car! Anyway - welcome home son - good to have you back!

I've given up one of my football interests with regret because I need to spend more time at home with my long suffering wife and family and spend more time with my spiritual work. My mother says that since she retired, she has never been so busy - she raises cash for charity by fund raising, cooking and selling pies and cakes, and all sorts of other activities which is commendable; sometimes, I wish she would just slow down but she's happy and dad, who spends his time playing snooker a couple of times a week, fishing, reading and gardening is comfortable that she's kept occupied.

Computers are the problem along with television. PCs can be so convenient to do work on but they can do so much these days that you do more of course. Television is just a pain in the proverbial and takes over life in the home sometimes, not that I watch it a lot, it drives me mad that there are so many programmes that my wife records then has to watch during her spare time that I just don't see much of her. It's all the CSI's and stuff like that from America; the Apprentice; Trawlers Rigs and Rescue or something like that and all the rest. If I could unsubscribe tomorrow, I would. Give me a book anytime.

Well the long weekend is here, Whit holiday in England and Wales and hey presto! the forecast is good for a change - so a bit of quick and dirty gardening, wash the car and sit out, read and enjoy is the order for the next three days - until someone says - 'can you just...'

Quote of the day: Behind every successful man stands an amazed woman.

Hope you have a good one!

Chat soon


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