Sunday, 31 May 2009

May's blogs and some Goldwynisms

As we say farewell to May 2009, I'll be remembering to say 'white rabbit' three times in the morning for good luck and 'black cat' tonight to see the month out.

The month has been a diverse one for stories and subjects. I started with superstitions because of my propensity to be rather superstitious and I enjoyed the research to find the real stories behind why I do things - and now I can understand why I do these little ritualistic responses to certain events.

Next came a spooky tale about a visit to an old church and unfinished mysteries to be discovered I suspect. I then extolled the virtue of the East Riding of Yorkshire and places to visit followed by a sad obituary to an old friend, Common Sense who died recently. The cricketer Graham Onions prompted me to write about surnames and those odd one's I had come into contact with over the years and then we had a giggle day with some jokes and stories as well as exploring the funnier side of the difference between the sexes.

After a quick one paragraph rant about MPs expenses, I chatted about memories of my old Dansette record player and my taste in music (or not) when I was a kid. 'Enigma' was a thought piece about Derren Brown after seeing his mind bending show of that name at the Grimsby Auditorium followed by my recall of seeing old style comics on stage in the East Yorkshire area after the news that Ken Dodd had been cancelled for a show in Nottingham.

Picking up my son after university was my next story and filling my modest car to its full capacity (and more) with his stuff that his mother did not know he had. I then decided to do a list, something I had neglected for a while and exposed some myths and put forward some real facts such as: 'You have NO muscles in your fingers - fingers use tendons.'

Another spooky tale came along with my experience of 'the Traveller,' in Tale of the Unexpected 2 - still shivering from that one! And then a more sanguine blog about gardening in the glorious May weather. 'Menagerie' was a mix of different bits and pieces I needed to get off my chest and 'Number 29' was a memory tester of a childhood home, its garden and my maternal grandfather. Yesterday I described a meditation exercise for anyone who needs to relax; and today? You've just read it!

Happy June!

Here's a quick list of my favourite gaff-maker's finest work, courtesy of course, of Samuel Goldwyn.
  • They say it's not as bad as they say it is.
  • It's spreading like wildflowers.
  • We'll jump off that bridge when we come to it.
  • Gentlemen, include me out.
  • I'll give you a definite maybe.
  • I can answer in two words: im-possible.
  • Directors are always biting the hand that lays the golden egg.
Courtesy - The Funniest Thing You Never Said - Rosemarie Jarski

Chat soon


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