Sunday, 24 May 2009

Summer is a-coming in...

Solanum Crispum 'Glasnevin'

What a fabulous day. I have no idea what the temperature has been, but there's been no breeze to speak of and the sky has not seen a cloud all day. Simply glorious.

Most of the bedding plants have gone in today, some in the border and some in tubs and this year, for the first time I've had to put slug pellets down. We have loads of birds in the garden of every description and for the thirteen years we've been here, we've never had a problem because the blackies and thrushes go hunting for the little slimy buggers, that was until last year when all the hostas were left like skeletons after an invasion of slugs and snails. Anyway for all you slug and snail lovers, it says on the tin that the slug pellets are organic, it means it kills them kindly!

Gardening question: If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?


Early summer flowers are here in force, the weigela are nearly in full bloom and the ceanothus is bright blue, taking over from the clematis montana that has just finished. The bearded irises are almost ready to come out and the hostas are in full leaf and with several varieties, I have a nice mixed green display. I have a nice tan and despite the midges, never got bitten once.

Tomorrow it's time just to sit and enjoy. It's a nice place to meditate and the birds singing help me to drift off and exercise the spiritual mind.
The Met Officer weather warning for heavy thundery rain on Monday afternoon moving up from the south means a morning sun and meditation session.

Hull City have retained their place in the Premiership for next season by the skin of their teeth and hopefully they will be spending some brass on players that can stick the ball in the back of the net. Well done the Tigers.

How about a gardening story today?

A man went into the local flower shop. The assistant politely enquired, "Is there anything I can get for you sir?"

The man hesitantly replied, "Well I... erm.. I don't really know what to... erm... I..."

The assistant helpfully said, "Perhaps I can assist; tell me exactly what you've done."

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  1. Lucky you...rain, rain and more rain here!