Wednesday, 3 March 2010

March on...

I hope the week has treated you well. The first week of the month is always busy for me where meetings take place on an evening: First Monday in the month for this, first Tuesday for that, first Wednesday for this etc.

I never even got chance to do the monthly feature about this new month. (15 second tour - March, third month of the Gregorian calendar named after Mars, Roman god of war; birthstones aquamarine and bloodstone (meaning courage) and the birth flower is the Narcissus. Famous days are St David's Day - the first, St Patrick's Day - the seventeenth and of course, Mothering Sunday on the fourteenth.)

I'm looking forward to a weekend trip to sunny Liverpool to see the sights of that great city for the first time and it will be nice to see my youngest son again who is at university there. I'm hoping the snow which is forecast (will it ever end!?) stays away long enough for us to enjoy a walk around. I'll put some pics on the blog when I get back.

In some ways, I'm sorry to be going and leaving the home area because my mum has just had a hip replacement operation on Wednesday and she is recovering well although at 72, nothing is ever quite straight forward is it. She and dad seem to have everything worked out and planned and my eldest son is around if they need anything over the weekend and she may or may not be out of hospital on Saturday depending on how her physiotherapy goes.

Work is busy right now and I spent most of the day helping a colleague to refresh and update their departments Intranet site which keeps staff informed of what's going on in their area of business. I tinker with my unit's intranet site to try to keep it fresh and informative.

I had an interesting psychic experience on Tuesday night at the circle. In the second half of the evening we hold a - well I can only describe it as something akin to a seance round a table. Although it varies in the way it runs and unfolds, I tried to get into a deep medatitive state and get really relaxed. Using the energy from those round the table, and just for a few seconds, I was overshadowed by a spirit. What does that mean? I spoke for a few seconds with his words and after that I simply got a psychic contact and was able to relay a message from him.

It was a weird sensation and it's the first time it's ever happened to me, although I have witnessed it in others a few times. I got a headache, like a pressure all around my head prior to it happening and felt slightly disorientated. I can't tell you right now who he was and the message he gave because I think there may be more to complete the story of why he came to me and I hope to find out from which era he came from, where he lived and what his identity was and what his story was in life.

Odd eh? Seven years ago, I was an open minded sceptic about this stuff - not anymore.

I've just finished watching England beat the Egyptians 3 - 1 at Wembley in a friendly and the first half was awful for England who played badly and went one-nil down. The second half they were a different team, scored three and ended up being easy winners. Interestingly, John Terry was booed by his own fans (not all thank goodness,) whenever he got the ball. Why do the fans boo their own team and players?

It amazes me - like the national media revel in screwing our own heroes and celebrities and anyone else who is remotely successful in this country - destroying lives over petty personal things which mean nothing to anyone except the individuals themselves - we seem to have the ability to press the self destruct button so easily and why? To sell more papers and put money in the pockets of shareholders and for a news editor or journalist to say, "I'm responsible for bringing that person down." Make your own mind up.

If I don't get on again before the end of the weekend, have a good one.

Chat soon


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  1. I do hope you had a well earned rest and you found your son in good spirits. No pun intended - LOL - Enjoy your blog - See ya soon