Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Which photo for Facebook?

Have you noticed how everyone is now talking a lot more positively about weekends, days off etc? People at work for example are looking forward to two four-day weeks starting next week either side of Easter; indeed I am thinking more about my holiday in June - we're going to Portugal, somewhere I've never been and I'm really looking forward to it. One little dark cloud on the horizon is this morning I understand Portugal's credit rating has been downgraded because there's a lot of debt, so I hope they don't slip into recession. Perhaps the only advantage might be more euros to the pound over there - is that how it works?

It's my middle son's birthday today - Happy Birthday!

My geranium plug plant have arrived this morning which means I am looking forward to spending some time in the garden this weekend potting them on to 3 inch pots - save to say that rain is forecast - oh joy!

I've put a really boring photograph of the fish on the blog today, not because it's at all interesting other than the fact that they are active now, they are hunting for bits to eat and it's lovely to see their colour emerging from hiding under the weed this winter. I'm feeding them some crushed wheatgerm until the temperature warms up a little after which I can feed them some tasty high protein food which they adore.

Well I've gone and done it and I said I wouldn't - I've reactivated my Facebook account. I have no real idea why because it was taking a fair bit of time keeping up to date, but I need to use technology to help me do more automatic tasks like publish links to this blog on it. Then the dilemma of a photograph. I take such a poor one and they are never flattering - oh the choice! I guess I like to people watch in truth and keep up with colleagues and acquaintances I only ever see or hear from occasionally, so if you are on Facebook and follow this blog and would like to add me, let me know and I'll pass you my details.

It was my first day back to work today after six days off and whilst I didn't get to do all I wanted to, it was fairly relaxing. I was welcomed back this morning by some and others mentioned they hadn't seen me around which is cool and I welcome the friendly atmosphere in which I work. Another colleague is coming back to work tomorrow, only she's been off for quite a while because she's been bringing up new child into the world. I know she would rather not be at work, but for us, it will be good to have her back.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but I haven't spoken to my mother in law for thirty years. Oh, we haven't fallen out - I just can't get a word in edge ways. I always know when she's coming round - before she gets here the mice are throwing themselves on the traps. She offered to cook a meal for us which, seriously, is very kind. The trouble is she's a terrible cook. Her rhubarb pie is one foot long and an inch wide. Pygmies come and dip their darts in her custard. We did have one argument once: She said to me, "When you're dead, I'll dance on your grave." "Good," I said, "I'm being buried at sea!" That's why I've never been married twice - I couldn't stand breaking in another mother in law. What's your like?

Hope you are enjoying the week.

Chat soon



  1. I've just realised that one day I might be a mother in law!!!!

    who blogs

    that may put some people off the beautiful son !

  2. I love the rhubarb pie!

    Looked on Facebook for you and there are hundreds of you. :o) Do you want to follow the link in my sidebar and make friends with me? It might be quicker.

  3. Hi Auntiegwen
    Mother-in-lawship - something to look forward to!

    Hi Diane
    We're ever so common, I should have put a link on here - you can tell I'm not technically minded!