Thursday, 11 March 2010

Sunshine and Optimism

I hope you've all had a good week and the sunshine has seemed to have brought a little optimism about the place which is very welcome indeed.

I've just come back from doing Tarot readings for a couple of dear friends and distant work colleagues and have enjoyed a lovely relaxing night in good company. G was slightly worried about having a reading, she's never had one before and right up to me turning up was considering whether or not to cancel. The reading went ahead and was done with compassion, truth and tact and in fact was entirely positive as I knew it would be. Both friends will give a small donation to charity for the readings which they said they enjoyed which is fantastic and I am grateful to them for their hospitality and generosity to good causes.

Well I have so much to do in the garden this weekend. I was in Liverpool for the first decent weekend for months last weekend so missed out so I'm going to have to graft to get the place tidied up, trimming and pruning done and what I can't recycle and compost, get off to the tip.

My compost bin has filled up during the winter with peelings from the kitchen that are perfectly preserved in the cold and haven't started to rot down at all, but I guess after the first lawn trim in a couple of weeks, the grass clippings will help to get some warmth going as it decomposes and starts the composting processes going. I need to put the compost from the bottom of the bin on the borders.

Signs are about of growth: the daffs are slow this year bit the snowdrops are just flowering and the birds are chasing each other. The grass verges on the city's dual carriageways are full of crocus and the purples, yellows and white are adding much needed colour to faded and washed out green grass. Nights are pulling out and I went to work in a fleece rather than a padded jacket today!

Time for a list, haven't done one for a while.

Although I'm 30+ years out of practice in the art of picking up members of the opposite gender, there are some lines I'd definitely NOT use...

"You wanna see my collection of Jack the Ripper memorabilia?"
"Let's make the most of this because I'm only out on day release."
"Excuse me while I use my phone. I have to ring my mother if I'm going to be out after nine thirty."
"Who wants safe sex anyway?"
"It's late - you'll do."

"I work in a slaughterhouse - how about you?"

"What are your views on handcuffs?"

"I'm a lawyer - Trust me!"

"You'd be a real babe if you lost three stones."

Have a great weekend.

Chat soon


Thanks to Goeff Tibballs for the lines


  1. Sorry not to have commented for a while 'ol chap, been a bit out of sorts.

    Guess you've realised I'm a sceptic of just about anything, but don't misunderstand that as a 'rejecter' of everything. Well, I can't, I've done exorcisms. Households, rather than people.

    Nice to see that someone is open about the use of Tarot. Tarot is an 'enabler' I found, a focus for the advisor - is that how you see it?

  2. Hi Wheelie, hope you are getting back on track...
    Tarot is simply a tool; reading any sort of cards, psychometary (touching and feeling objects) are just a conduit through which ones psychic ability or mediumship are channelled. So I agree entirely that is is an enabler - indeed, that's why psychic investigations are done on a night time, not that it's any different from daytime, it just allows more focus without distractions.
    Take care