Saturday, 20 March 2010

Rain stops play

I'm conscious that this is only the sixth posting this month and I realise why. I'm spending so much more time 'out' and doing more active things instead of sitting in looking out onto frosty and snow covered land. However, that keen need to get out has come to a grinding halt as the rain from last night persists today.

I had my Christmas work night out and it was great. Good company, good food and NO Santa hats thank goodness. We started in a lovely Italian Restaurant on Princes Avenue in Hull and I had garlic mushrooms for a starter followed by special chicken in a most delicious and subtle sauce. The atmosphere in the place was great and you could literally 'taste' the garlic in the air. We then went on what I suppose I would call a 'pub crawl', into three different bars. I haven't done this for around fifteen years! All very enjoyable, noisy, packed to the gunnel's but a safe environment. I wasn't drinking, four bottles of sparkling water that's all, but it didn't make it any less enjoyable.

It started to rain while we were eating last night and in quick time it became heavy and persistent - as Peter Kay would say, 'the stuff that soaks you through.' My three female companions covered their heads with small handbags as we scampered from bar to bar - us roughie toughie blokes didn't bother of course and we got wet. We sat outside one bar at a pavement table because the bar was too hot inside and sheltered by a huge awning and warmed by an outside heat lamp, it was very bearable - and we're still in March. I found home about 11.30 pm.

I had Friday off and spent some time in the garden and we have Blue Tits showing an interest in one of the bird boxes I put up a couple of years ago. Despite me sat in the garden waiting nearby, they weren't put off and explored it for many minutes. I couldn't capture a bird flying in, but have got one just perched on the hole looking in.

Talking about parties, the following historically famous people were invited to a party:

Nelson said he'd give his right arm for a good party;
Einstein said it would be relatively easy to attend;
Marie Curie radiated enthusiasm;
Dr Jekyll was in two minds;
Morse's reply was, 'I'll be there on the dot, can't stop, must dash;'
Edison said it would be an enlightening experience;
Chairman Mao said he'd write the date down in his little red book;
Ohm resisted the idea at first;
Wilbur Wright accepted the invitation providing he and Orville could get a flight;

Chat soon

Thanks to Geoff Tibballs


  1. Very clever, RLS! I'm hopeing to get some work done in my garden soon. I hope your little friends like the house, maybe you could let us know if they move in.

    By for now X

  2. Hi Jarmara, my neighbour, whose conservatory overlooks the boxes location says there is a pair in and out all day long carrying moss, so I guess there will be a family in there now. I'm going to try and set up a better lens on a tripod using remote and see if I can capture a bird in flight just about to go in...
    I've been asked to co-write a non-fiction book so I may be in touch for advice.
    Have a great weekend

  3. Love the photos and of course the blog