Monday, 29 March 2010

Your teeth are like stars dear, they come out at night...

Admit it - you've used your teeth to do things you're not supposed to use them for. I couldn't get into a packet of 'Pink & Whites' - "Crunchy wafers filled with pink 'n' white mallow" - (only half a Weightwatchers point) tonight so I used my teeth to tear the packet open. That's what you do isn't it? I couldn't find the scissors and a knife seemed unnecessary and an abuse of force against an innocent plastic wrapper, and in any case, teeth was quicker.

I've tried, in temper, to cut string with teeth when the scissors are at the other end of the house, open one of those plastic sealed CD cases that you can't find the edge of, and tried to cut the tag off a new 't' shirt because I could do it with my hands.

There you are, confession done. I've never tried to open a bottle top with my teeth mind, and I've seen that a few times but I have cut thousands of bits of sellotape over the years with the old gnashers even though my teeth are not in any way sharp.

I've had accidents by losing fillings of course and cracking teeth through eating nuts and toffee etc., but doesn't everyone? I've carried a few plastic bags in my teeth when my hands have been full and taken pen caps off on a daily basis. Pistachio nuts that haven't fully opened can only be opened with teeth because it makes your nails sore.

Teeth are obviously very useful for vampires, dentists and professional whistlers. Smiles can be better for a good set of teeth and they are an essential tool for chewing food and chewing gum. They can be great as comforters when chewing hair, hankies or a favourite teddy bear.

False teeth? Well they are just good for a laugh!

Teeth are also mentioned in the Bible - (King James version, Psalm 58:6) "Break their teeth, O God, in their mouth: break out the great teeth of the young lions, O LORD." In other words, take away the opportunities that hurt us.

Teeth can hurt, cause many tears, fall out, rot and bite someone very hard indeed, or nibble someone if you're lucky. Either way, they can be quite useful.

What do you get if you cross teeth with candy? Dental floss!

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  1. I always use my teeth to open packaging and bite sellotape, always x

  2. Hi auntiegwen - I thought you were swanning around in Europe? Thx for the comment, my teeth are blunt so it's more of a tear movement - are yours any sharper?