Sunday, 22 January 2012

Chūn Jié - Happy (Chinese) New Year

It's about to become the Chinese New Year and celebrations are going on around the world. Known as the Spring Festival - 春節, the Chinese traditionally spend 15 days seeing in their New Year - what a way to celebrate! There are also many many traditional customs that go on and this is wonderful that such a culture exists.

You can read about the variety of tasks undertaken, beliefs as well as cultural and traditional celebrations on Wikipedia. It seems to give far more meaning than western celebration and much more deep seated in their family, community and social life. 

This year, starting 23 January 2012 is the Chinese year of the Dragon. I was born in the year of the Rooster. Some contrast to a Dragon eh?

The Dragon is seen as a force for power and good luck; a divine beast - the very opposite of the nasty animal devouring village maidens and often subject of slaying in spectacular and heroic myth. There is a sense of freedom with the Dragon and a reluctance to live by strict rules.

The BBC has some great and colourful pictures of the preparations for the celebrations here.

Well despite my moaning yesterday about the lack of sight of spring bulbs, one of my perennials in one of the tubs has decided to have a showing of gorgeous purple flower (pictured above) - perhaps as a consolation. 

Chat soon



  1. We need more Dragons.

    Come to think of it, we need more of anything that we can't get a handle on. I encourage my little grand daughters fascination with faeries.

    The logical is only appropriate for those things that we can prove. It's a massive world outside that.

  2. Hi Wheelie
    My God I've had this dilemma on so many occasion. You know about my spiritual life - well the arguements and debates I've had about logic versus subjective - even in my own mind. I could write a bloody book about it if I were more learned and intelligent.

  3. That flower is definitely saying cheer up, spring will soon be here.

  4. Touché :)

    An gardé? Grab a cheepo notebook. At the top left hand side put a day number. Say, 1. Middle top, page number in that book. Next line down, put the date, longhand. Skip a line.

    Keep the notebook handy. You strike me as a man who keeps a bag handy. Gosh, even a briefcase. Keep it with you. I bet you're even posh enough to have a bedside table or three (tongue firmly in cheek) Let the darn thing haunt you.

    When you have a thought, conundrum, inspiration or irritation, however inappropriate or embarrassing it may seem in retrospect, Jot down the time, and the thought. Never delete.

    New Page, New Day, hmmm? (ouch)

    Think you'll find that there's lots of peeps who would love to share their experience of collation?

    I'd read it. Course I would. It's why I read blogs. Don't under estimate curiosity. I bet you have a wealth of experience to share about your spirituality, your church, your thoughts, and your spiritualist community, and dare I say, you?

    Do it because you can. It's history. Unless video's killed the radio star? :)

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