Saturday, 21 January 2012

S'no Show

Should I be concerned or not? I don't want to cause alarm or send the balloon up, but...

...none of the daffodils or other spring bulbs are showing above ground yet. Last year, they were peeping through holes in the snow at this time. No snow this year yet no sign of them.


I was pleased to see the success of Bradford born David Hockney in his exhibition which seems to have caused quite a stir. The stir is around the beauty of his chosen home county - East Yorkshire and his representations of our lovely landscape - something which I have often commented upon. A landscape not rugged nor mountainous, but green and rolling with pleasant views - just delightful rather than spectacular. 

It's not a well kept secret to those who inhabit the area, particularly in the Wolds around Driffield (just a few miles north of me) and for those who pass through it, but unlike some - I don't worry about it now being overrun with tourists trying to spot Hockney's subjects. There's enough during the summer months, but the rest of the year, the locals have it to themselves; it can be inhospitable when the weather turns bad.


I captured a couple of pictures last week (above) of a sunrise from the front door step leaving the house for work and a sunset leaving work for home the same day. Notice the difference in colours which I thought was interesting; the rich deep pink of morning sunlight and the deep yellow brightness of the sunset with a huge sun magnified by the winter moisture in the atmosphere.

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  1. I love Hockney's exhibition space at Salt's Mill in Saltaire. I saw his watercolours of the Wolds there a couple of years ago. It was before he started doing the huge tree paintings. He is a very talented man.

  2. If I remember correctly, 2nd February, Candlemas, is the one to watch out for.

    It's a long held tradition - that is, back to when we had an agricultural society, that if it's cold and clear on Candlemas, it's likely to be frosty and the ground hard, so impossibly tough to (horse drawn) plough.

    If it's wet and windy, get ploughing and sowing particularly if it's a hardy crop such as oats.

    It translates across to modern gardening....

  3. Interested to read your comments about David Hockney's Exhibition. I love his paintings of East Yorkshire. Even more interesting, I know his brother fairly well. Great people! I also have a poster sized print of his red roofed houses (of Sledmere, I think.) Now I have to go and search Google to see if the exhibition paintings are new ones I haven't seen yet. Hockney is impressed with the light in East Yorkshire and that is what prompts him to to use the area as subjects for his paintings.

  4. Hi MorningAJ
    Talented and different.

    Hi Wheelie
    I'm sure they won't be long - it's just that the neighbours are through - wondering why mine aint.

    Hi ChrisJ
    It is a beautiful light here with few heavy contrasts of light and shadow provided by rockier country which in itself is equally as beautiful. It's good to see 'ordinary' good people coming good.

  5. 'Ere you go mate.