Thursday, 12 January 2012

Super-Duper Tram

It's been one of those strange weeks in that I've not been in the office nor at home much. During the day, I've been travelling about all over and by the time this week is over, I will have included Wakefield and Sheffield to the list of places visited - and all on business. In fact I have just half of one day sat behind my desk. On a night time, I've been to my normal weekly psychic development circle, a birthday party for a friend in her seventies, a psychic philosophy meeting and a meditation night. I have slept well!

One of my trips, with a colleague to Sheffield was interesting because I had a new experience and that was to travel on a Sheffield Supertram. The roads into Sheffield are a nightmare as usual because of the volume and that was after the normal rush hour and the roads themselves are in a terrible condition and very badly worn out. However once into the city, we parked at a 'park and ride' and we caught a Supertram to the heart of the city where we wanted to be - a place that is both difficult to get around and a nightmare to find a parking space in.

I never had time to walk around the city centre so I have no idea what kind of place Sheffield is although it has a rich history, but I was heartily impressed with the tram. Electrified, running on rails, modern, clean, tidy, with a conductor too collecting what seemed like a modest fare for a ten minute uninterrupted ride.  Automated announcements informed the passengers where the next stop is and signs, just like the London underground make it clear what stops are on the journey. 

Well done Sheffield - this has to be the way forward to get people out of cars in city centres, reduce carbon emissions and expensive parking costs and not forgetting - city centre driving stress and hassle.

Chat soon



  1. Find an excuse to go back. Sheffield's a great place!

  2. Nice to hear something like this - these towns often get such a bad press don't they - and that tram looks amazing.

  3. Hi MorningAJ
    Ok - as a result of your recommendation - I will. Where do I head for in the city centre?

    Hi Weaver
    It was - yes it's nice to be positive where praise is due!