Saturday, 14 January 2012

To be Classed with Idiots and Children!

What a glorious day here in sunny East Yorkshire; bright sunshine, frost all over, no breeze and bracingly cold! Today has started well and yesterday (Friday the 13th) seemed to go without a hitch thank goodness. Where we live in the rise, we seem to attract most of everybody elses leaves as the breeze brings them our way and dumps them on our drive. It's no problem to clear but our brown recycling bin is now full.  

The bird feeders are full and I've noticed that this year, the berries from the trees and bushes are nearly exhausted. Now for us, this is a little strange because in previous years, including the last two heavy snow years, there have been plenty of berries left in the spring which eventually rotted away particularly the pyracantha. Even the pigeons have been perching on the very prickly pyracantha eating the gloriously orange coloured berries in the last couple of months. This is slightly odd only because it's been so comparatively  mild. Perhaps there's a nature logic I'm missing.

The tragic capsizing of the cruise ship Costa Concordia off the west coast of Italy is bad news and thank goodness only three people lost their lives - bad enough but could have been a huge lot worse. When I looked at the news late last night, the ship was reported to have run aground on a sandbank and only had a 20 degree list. Today's pictures show the ship on its side. BBC News. 

In the 1911 Census of England and Wales, Clara Lucas, a lady of private means from Darlington in the north east of England stated in the 'infirmity' column that she was "vote less, therefore classed with idiots and children." This is incredibly bold for the time and needless to say, this straight talking women was born in Yorkshire! You can see this on at FindMyPast

I hope you have a great weekend - stay warm!

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  1. I'm so happy that I can get back to read your blog, for awhile there all I could see was a blank page.

    I managed to find my grandmother on the 1911 census so after many years of not being able to trace her line, because I wasn't able to buy her birth certificate,I uncovered a dark secret.

  2. My pyracantha is still covered in berries and the crab apple trees round here are still groaning under the weight of fruit. Just goes to show how things vary, doesn't it?

  3. I had not heard about that cruise ship as I have not heard the news yet today - shall look at tea time.
    We have noticed how the berries have gone too. We have not seen a fieldfare nor a redwing for weeks - hardly surprising as there is nothing for them to eat. The food from our bird table is disappearing at a rapid rate though - twenty cock blackbirds this morning.

  4. Hi Jarmara
    Welcome back - not sure what happened with the blank page - computers eh? I found a family secret in my family history a few years ago, a secret that my grandmother died not knowing about her father. You've inspired me to write it up on a blog - mind you, you're an inspiration full stop!

    Hi MorningAJ
    Weird isn't it, I don't profess to know how it all works!

    Hi Weaver
    We've noticed that the blackies have come back this winter having been missing most of the summer and autumn.