Sunday, 1 January 2012

Mission Impossible?

As is always my routine, I welcome a new follower, Jonathan from East Yorkshire who is very welcome indeed. In truth I have known Jonathan for many years and he is a wonderful man of dry wit and intelligence. Hopefully, he will be starting his own blog soon. 

New Years day - my second post and for a very good reason. A dear friend and I went to the cinema today to see Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol, and I have to say, if it doesn't come close to getting film of the year, I would be very surprised and disappointed.

Rated 12A, this is not a film for young children in my humble view - there are lots of shootings and fighting  although no gore or anything but don't let the kids see it. The film was fast and furious from the start to finish with great performances from Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, Simon Pegg - his electronic wizard side kick and fellow agents played by Jeremy Renner and Paula Patten.

There is a decent story behind the breathtaking action which at times literally had you holding your breath - it was extraordinarily tense at times. Ethan Hunt is the leader of a small band of unofficial agents sent on missions impossible - "Your mission, should you chose to accept it..." in this case to stop a megalomaniac from destroying the world by starting a nuclear war.  No spoilers so you'll have to see it to get the plot, but I thoroughly recommend this one.

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