Monday, 27 September 2010

Eat, Pray, Love - Julia Roberts

I went with a friend to see Eat, Pray, Love the new Julia Roberts film at the cinema last night (Sunday). I don't normally read the critics before hand, if I like the look and feel of the picture, I go and see it. Sometimes I'm disappointed, sometimes I'm really pleased - and this time?

I enjoyed it. Julia Roberts is a very versatile actress who entertains with a range of emotions and where appropriate, the occasional gentle comedy in this one. I won't put any spoilers in here at all, because I recommend you see it.

Julia plays Liz Gilbert, a writer who actually doesn't know what she wants in life or a relationship - she needs to 'find herself'. She leaves her husband and sets off on a series of adventures firstly at home after her split and then seeing the world, in Italy, in India and in Bali.

The cinematography is visually interesting and it's well directed at a gentle old pace with a rather romantic view of Italy and Bali and perhaps we get to see just a quick snapshot of the chaotic life in India before she spends time in a retreat learning to meditate.

The critics generally don't like it - but when you get under the skin, these are paying critics who put their cash into the cinema to see the film and it seems they are mostly women! They don't like the arrogant selfishness that they see the character portraying - although this isn't obvious to me. They forget this - this is based on a true life story, recently published in paperback. Real life doesn't pursue obvious and clear cut paths or provide expected or stereotypical behaviours. Everyone is different and just because the critic doesn't see this woman exercise constraint, patience and observe 'normal' standards (whatever that is) they don't like the film.

Well done Roberts, good solid directing, great locations, adequate but not demanding story, I'll give it 7/10 - worth £4.70.

Are you 'enjoying' the same dull, dreary, drizzle laden weather we are here in East Yorkshire? In this part of the world, it's known as 'Hull Fair weather.' I'll be away whilst the fair is on this year, so I won't be reporting on it, but it's one of the great calendar events of the year in the city attracting over a million visitors in a week.

Have a great week

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  1. Oh we are never satisfied with the weather. It's 100 degrees F on my patio right now (midday) and was 90 degrees at 9:00 a.m. We don't have air conditioning because along the coast it is generally not needed. Could use it today but I don't think I'll swap our weather for yours. It's supposed to cool down tomorrow. They have been calling this the year without a summer. So this may be about all the summer we'll get.
    As for the movie, I'll wait until it comes on the TV.
    I've been lazy this past week about blogging. I'll have to get with it again this week.

  2. I bought the book for my friend Sixy but she felt it was a bit overindulgent and whiney. I'd like to see the film though x

  3. Shall look out for the film coming up here.

    Yes - the weather is absolutely dreary here too - I know we often get dark days before Christmas but dark days before the beginning of October is a bit much. Have a nice time away.

  4. Hi ChrisJ
    90 degrees at 9 am! wow, we dont get 90 degrees at lunch! - enjoy!

    Hi Auntiegwen
    I've heard that from others who have read the book a similar observation about her attitude, I must confess, I didn't feel she was whiney although the food she tucked away was REALLY overindulgent in Italy - I put on pounds just watching her tuck it away!

    Hi Weaver
    Many thanks, yes, it's too early to be dull all day! I'm going to try to blog and put some piccies up if I can, we'll see if the hotels have wireless...

  5. I wondered what the film was like. I've seen so many adverts for it.
    It has been a bit showery here today, but I managed to walk the dog in betweens the showers.

  6. Go and see it Val, a bit of entertainment which I don't think many will be disappointed with - it certainly didn't test my brain with any complexities. Mucky horrible weather persists here with nasty stuff coming from your part of the world on Friday - just in time for the weekend!