Saturday, 25 September 2010

Something in the Garden Creeps...

Now, I'm not a wuss (mild coward) generally, I can cope with creepy things as long as I don't have to touch them; I would never invite a spider to dinner as it were, but this thing was spotted today on the lid of my blue recycling bin is definitely in the 'do not touch category'. I have no real idea what it is and what's more, Collins Complete Guide to British Insects doesn't have it in their extensive catalogue. In fact whilst the picture shows it to be a formidable beast, it's only one centimetre long - although in it's world, you might not argue with it. Although indications are it might be a Ladybird larvae (coccinellidae), can anyone help for certain?

We've just experienced quite a storm over the last couple of days with persistent rain on Thursday night through to midday on Friday. This strange looking
blue/grey cloud which was shielded from the late afternoon sun against a background of white cloud approached menacingly from the south east and a storm followed shortly thereafter. According to the BBC News online weather website, this is a cumulonimbus cloud (nimbus meaning rain apparently).

What have you got on for the weekend? Today is a garden day for me, well cutting the grass at least if the showers hold off and Sunday is a visit to a Spirit Body and Mind fair near Harrogate followed by a trip to the pictures (cinema) with a friend in the evening to see the new Julia Roberts film, Eat, Pray, Love.

Have a great weekend

Chat soon



  1. I've a mate on a forum who's into bugs :)

    Permission to take a copy of the picture and enquire elsewhere, Lesser Spotted sir?

  2. It is, indeed a cumulonimbus cloud sir :)

    Would you believe there is a society dedicated to clouds?

    Check out


  3. Hello Wheelie
    Please take the picture, it's not very good and thanks for trying to identify the beastie. I LOVE clouds and the BBC weather website (via news online) has some excellent viewers photos of clouds and weather every week which are really good. Even today, in warm weather, I can lay on the grass and watch clouds for ages looking for pictures and shapes. Great to meditate to.
    Kind regards

  4. I think your insect is some kind of immigrant, or maybe a stowaway. It's too colourful to be British (unless it's a butterfly, and it's not a butterfly).

  5. Hi Frances
    Good to hear from you... an immigrant insect, how exciting, in Yorkshire too!