Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Summer a Memory Already...

Greeting fellow bloggers from a wet, windy, chilly miserable East Riding of Yorkshire, but brightening up my day is the opportunity to welcome another follower. Welcome to ChrisJ an ex-pat from Southern California but hailing originally from the UK with a special interest in East Yorkshire and the Bridlington area particularly. Her blog FLAMBLOGGER is fast moving, no holds barred views, history of the East Riding, highly readable and she's a bit of an artist to boot! FLAMBLOGGER is a reference to Flamborough in East Yorkshire. Welcome ma'am.

Indeed autumn can definitely be judged by the weather forecast which clearly indicated a frost by Friday night into Saturday morning. The flowers are looking decidedly bedraggled and even the hanging basket outside the front door is looking tired. What a time for the news too for odd stories to continue: although the Pope is not visiting my part of the world, his visit as Head of State has caused both controversy with non-catholics (and a few catholics), and delight generally by catholics (with one or two exceptions). I aren't going to get into any religious arguments or debate here, but I'll watch his visit and the reaction with interest.

I read with amusement the new government's dismay at the BBC union BECTU planning strikes which will hit broadcast coverage of the Conservative party conference and the announcement of the Comprehensive Spending Review. Oh, how I love to watch arrogant, hypocritical politicians become angry and observe them trying to keep their cool.

The kids are back at school and there's one or two tell tale signs: Internet speeds mysteriously slow down until ten o'clock at night during term time; traffic in a morning is now horrendous compared to two weeks ago; litter has increased substantially on the road outside where the little darlings tramp to and from school.

The holiday to the USA gets closer as a visit to Las Vegas and San Francisco beckons. We've never been to that part of America and I hope that it will give us the opportunity, in San Fran at least, to see the real America. Four years ago, I took the family to Florida and we spent most of the time in theme parks for the benefit of the kids who had never done that sort of holiday, which looking back was, in part, a big mistake. If you were to ask me who the real Floridians were, I couldn't really tell you at all. It was a regret we didn't spend more time in the towns and countryside around Orlando where we stayed to see and meet the real America.

Chat soon



  1. Well I've never had such a welcome to a blog before. I'm honored. Thank you for your kind words. I'll be popping in to visit regularly, so have the kettle on for a good HOT cup of tea (I've given up trying to get that here, unless I make it myself --which I do frequently). I'd enjoy a scone or piece of curd tart too. Now THAT I haven't had for a LONG time (the curd tart that is).

  2. I shouldn't eat them really, but we've had a custard tart from Couplands, one of the local bakers who took over from Skeltons, another famous local Hull based bakery who went bust a couple of years ago.
    Tea - how can the world revolve without it?